Times when Sara Tendulkar was trolled for unnecessary reasons


Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of probably India’s greatest batsman of all time, Sachin Tendulkar, has blossomed into a perfect amalgamation of outstanding beauty and hotness, looking lovely in both ethnic and western clothing. Despite this, despite the fact that the girl has never harmed anybody or even been reported for throwing attitude, and despite everything that her esteemed father has accomplished for the country, trolls can’t help but show their true colours by leaving harsh comments on her photos. Let’s take a look at times when Sara Tendulkar got trolled for no reason.

When people deliberately didn’t recognise Sara Tendulkar

Despite the fact that Sara looked ethereal in this olive-colored outfit, trolls continued to inquire, “Yeh kaun hai?”


When Sara Tendulkar was questioned for flaunting her legs

Trolls chose to brutally troll Sara here despite the fact that she loves to flaunt her legs.

When Sara Tendulkar was trolled for her gym wear

Sara works hard at the gym, but trolls feel it’s vital to tell her what’s right gym wear.

When Sara Tendulkar was asked about money

Believe it or not, Sara Tendulkar was also once accused by a troll of wasting her dad’s money. However, Sara gave the troll a befitting reply she wrote, “Umm… Any money spent on caffeine is money well spent, not wasted LOL (whoever’s it may be)”