The jewels of the Masia


FC Barcelona do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and secured their jewels to prevent them from leaving as happened with Neymar when PSG took him paying the 222 million euros termination clauses. The club thought it was a high clause and got confident. Now they want to avoid the mistakes of the past, and they have armoured their stars, who they are convinced will lead them to many triumphs in the future.

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Ronald Araújo


The Uruguayan centre-back is seen as the heir to Puyol. The courage with which he plays is impressive, and if the team needs a centre-back, he plays as a centre-back, if they need a full-back, he doesn’t mind playing as a full-back. In an interview he mentioned that whatever Xavi asks him to do, he will do it, the most important thing is the team.

He is not a home-grown player, but he feels the colours like no other. When he arrived his salary was high, but when he was asked to reduce his salary, he was the first to accept because he wanted to help the team, he is exemplary in every way. He has played injured, and he hasn’t minded, he always sacrifices himself. 

The board sees in him the future of the defence and the values of the club. That’s why it was decided to renew him and to sign him with a very high clause. 

One of the reasons is that several European teams saw his level and wanted him to renew their lower area. In Europe they wanted to take advantage of Barcelona’s bad moment to take the Uruguayan away, but he himself said he wanted to stay and accepted the club’s offer, which is more than deserved.

Ansu Fati 

Since his breakthrough in the first team, it was known that he is a special talent. When Messi left, he was given the huge responsibility of wearing the number 10 shirt left vacant by perhaps the best player in the club’s history. Injuries have not left him alone, but there is a lot of hope in him. 

That is why in 2021 his contract was renewed, and he was given an unpayable clause. This was because with the club’s financial problems, many teams, including Guardiola’s City, had their eye on him.

Barça does not want any more surprises. Ansu should be the next figure. He offers a lot of dynamism, and contributes in attack. He feels the colours like few others because he is a product of the youth team and has lived all the processes within the club. When offers arrived he did not hesitate to reject them, his future is at Camp Nou. He was one of the players who accepted a salary reduction. Anything for the shirt.


Perhaps a slightly underrated player, but indispensable in Xavi’s scheme. Little by little he has been earning a place in the team in the hearts of the Culés all over the world. His play reminds them of the player who is now on the bench as a coach, and his commitment is unique.

At just 18 years of age, he is already part of the Barcelona first team, and it seems as if he has been playing for 30 years because of the quality and sobriety with which he plays. He is not afraid to put the team on his shoulders when he is needed, as he showed when the team was in a very bad shape. 

He was one of those who tried the most and wanted the most. Gavi is pure Barcelonismo. His renewal was not easy, the club and his agent could not agree, and it was thought that he would leave. The young man knows what he is worth, and although he did not ask for a big increase because he knows that the club cannot afford it, he did ask to be looked after.

In the end, Joan Laporta understood that with him, the future of the blaugrana midfielder is assured. They renewed him and put a clause of 1 billion euros to prevent the teams that were looking for him from buying him. 

Gavi wants to be and to be a Barcelona star. His future is assured and the fans are always grateful for that.


This is the most important renewal of all. Pedri is at a spectacular level, in Spain they see him as the heir of Iniesta but even better. The Canary Islander cost Barcelona 5 million euros and if someone wants him now, they will have to pay 1 billion. This is how the youngster has grown up.

From day one, wrapped in the Culé shirt, the midfielder made the fans fall in love with his class and simplicity. He arrived at a complicated time and lived through embarrassing episodes with the team, but he never hid, on the contrary, he is the reason why the fans have hope.

Xavi sees him as key to their project, and the board sees him as key to the future of the club. Messi is gone, but they have Pedri. The player, as we mentioned, is simple. He mentioned in an interview that he is not interested in tattoos and exotic hairstyles, the only thing that interests him is to grow as a footballer.

His dedication is total. He completely changed his training regimen to gain muscle in order to compete and make a difference. He was one of the first to offer to lower his salary because he is not interested in going anywhere, anything for the team.

He inherited the number 8 shirt from Iniesta, one of his references, and he is wearing it with great pride. The player is being a determining factor in a team that, due to the big summer signings, is full of stars.

Pedri is not out of tune, in fact, the team is playing at his pace. Future Ballon d’Or?

With the future assured.

Joan Laporta no longer wants another period of darkness and has set about restructuring the team, which he found devastated at all levels. Neymar’s departure was traumatic for everyone, because they were never able to protect him.

That triggered a lot of bad contracts and football slumps that ended in disastrous failures in Europe. They filled the payroll to the point of not being able to register Messi and losing him.

Laporta knows that he has to prepare a team for the future, that’s why he bought superstars like Lewandowski to give immediate results and to nurture the youngsters who in the end are the ones who will inherit the club.

Four jewels secured, at least until 2027, the four already have the responsibility to respond, but they are not afraid, on the contrary, they are already proving it. A masterstroke by the board of directors.

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