Take a look at best romantic Korean films to watch on date night


Nothing beats movies about love for fulfilling your inner romantic. Even if you’re a huge romance movie fan who has seen every love story cliché play out on film, there will always be rom-coms and romantic dramas that never fail to give you butterflies—no matter how cheesy they might be.

If you are searching for a romantic Korean movie to watch with a significant other then take a look at some best romantic Korean movies to watch with your lover on date night.

1. 20th Century Girl


This rom-com, set in 1999, spins around a youngster who promises to keep tabs on her bestie’s crush, never expecting to fall for that crush herself.

2. The Beauty Inside

This beautiful film demonstrates that love knows no age, age, gender, or nationality. Han Hyo Joo portrays a furniture saleswoman who falls in love with Kim Dae Myung’s character, who wakes up in a different body every day.

3. Sweet & Sour

This beautiful rom-com, based on Kurumi Inui’s novel Initiation Love, follows a couple as they struggle to make their long-distance relationship work despite various challenges—and while that may seem completely obvious, it comes with a  higly unexpected plot twist.

4. Tune in for Love

In this swoon-worthy romance set in the 1990s, a student and a teenager meet by chance at a bakery, where they find an instant connection and yet, fate seems determined to keep them apart from that moment on.

5. Homme Fatale

Homme Fatale is set during the Joseon Dynasty and tells the story of Heo-saek, Joseon’s first male gisaeng (or entertainment), and the progressive lady who ends up stealing his heart.