T. Rajendar becomes emotional as he leaves for US. Says: I’m going abroad only for my son Simbu

T. Rajendar spoke to the reporters at the airport as he prepared to leave the nation for medical treatment in the United States.


T. Rajendar, a well-known actor and director, has traveled to the United States for advanced medical treatment for a stomach-related condition. Before boarding the plane, Elatchiya DMK President addressed the journalists. As he spoke to the paparazzi, he became upset and spoke with teary eyes, “I am going to America for high treatment only for my son Silambarasan. My son is a great man in films and a good man in life.”

He further stated that Silambarasan has been stationed in the United States for some days and has been making preparations for the treatment. The actor had to postpone the audio premiere of his next drama, Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu, as well as the filming of his action drama, Pathu Thala, to care for his father, according to the filmmaker. T. Rajendar went on to say that he is pleased to have a son who is not just a good performer but also adores his parents.

He even praised Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin and Kamal Haasan for paying him a visit at the Chennai hospital where he was receiving treatment. According to reports, the iconic actor is hopeful that he will be able to return to the nation in good condition. T Rajendar, Silambarasan’s father and a former celebrity, became ill a few weeks ago, and after being diagnosed, physicians recommended that he receive intensive treatment overseas. T. Rajendar has opted to go to another country, for the time being, following their counsel. T. Rajendar was supposed to receive medical care in Singapore, but he and his family have elected to travel to the United States instead. Silambarasan, his son and a well-known actor, will accompany him there.