Six fashion and beauty trends that will rule in 2022


All of us are always excited about the fashion and beauty trends that are going on currently and those which will rule in future.

Pinterest has revealed a trend report of what is is said to be the biggest fashion and beauty trends in 2022.

Let us have a look!



Pulse are not just available now in the form of jewellery but we can also expect to see them in outfits, nail arts and hair accessories.

Dopamine dressing

This trend is most in 2021 and will make its way in 2022 as well. The vibrant, colourful palettes will rule the fashion industry with all the gender and age groups getting into the trend that’s all about easy fits and bright and colourful outfit.

Goth Dressing

Black is evergreen and is never out of fashion. This colour will be the biggest trend of 2022 again.

Space buns

High puff hair styles and space buns will continue ruling the beauty space even in the next year.


‘Galaxy nail art’ and ‘Ocean nail art’ varsham of the most searched keywords in the nail space. In the year 2022 landscape design on nails are set to rule again.

Rebel cuts

Buzzcuts, mullet hairstyles, short mohawk styles which grew from rebel culture will rule in 2022.