Shah Rukh Khan on working with Salman Khan in Pathaan; Says “I will try to be in Tiger 3”

Salman Khan is referred to by Shah Rukh Khan as his family, and he says that working with him is always fun.


Shah Rukh Khan excels at retaining his audience’s interest. The actor is commemorating his 30 years in the business today, and to mark the occasion, he gave his fans a sneak peek of the eagerly anticipated Pathaan, which went viral on social media. Shah Rukh is now in the news after engaging in a social media Q&A with followers and discussing his experience working with Salman Khan on the film Pathaan.

Shah Rukh Khan said, “With Salman Khan, there is no working experience. There’s always a love experience, happy experience, friendly experience, and brotherly experience. It’s amazing whenever I work with him. We haven’t really done a full fledged film together, apart from one, which was also not full-fledged, to be honest. We were not together in the film for too long. So we get to work 4-5 days in a year sometimes in a film”. He continued by saying that he enjoyed working with Salman on the films Tubelight and Zero.

In addition, Shah Rukh Khan hinted at working with Salman in Tiger 3 and added, “Inshallah I will try to be in Tiger also. It’s great fun working with him. It’s always very nice”. King Khan also referred to Salman as his family. “he is brother. We don’t know who is the elder brother. Each one of us on different days behave like the elder brother to each other. Whoever makes the mistake the other guy becomes the elder brother,” he added. Siddharth Anand’s Pathaan is scheduled for release on January 25 of the following year.