Nora Fatehi turns director for ‘Dirty Little Secret’

The latest video from Nora Fatehi and Zack Knight, Dirty Little Secret, is now out. Fans are showering praises on her!


‘Dirty Little Secret,’ Nora Fatehi’s third worldwide song as a singer-producer and now director, has solidified its status as the year’s dance anthem! Zach Knight, a British artist, is also featured on the upbeat track. Nora’s entry into direction was characterized by the song, which reflected her contemporary, creative, and cosmopolitan attitude. Every frame of the track stands out for being distinct, flawless, and fashionable, with ground-breaking sounds, cutting-edge graphics, symbolic shots, and breakthrough choreography. In ‘Dirty Little Secret,’ Nora wears a lot of hats and does them well!

Nora Fatehi, when asked about her directorial debut, remarked, “As an artist, I’m always hungry to take on more. While I was working on ‘Dirty Little Secret’ i wanted to create a video full of symbolism that would need to be decoded in order to understand the screenplay. I could already envision the track in my mind, I knew what I wanted to convey via symbolism and I just went for it. Every set-up, every costume change, every moment, everything in the video has a meaning to it, that one would need to carefully decode. It was definitely challenging but so incredibly gratifying to see how it turned out. The immense love it has received makes it all worth it.”