Nepal bans the screening of Adipurush along with other Hindi films, here’s what we know


The Nepal court has filed an order to ban Adipurush movie on Thursday along with other Hindi films. This will also include the films that have received permission from the country’s censor board.

The issue has emerged due to a certain dialogue which stated Sita as ‘India’s daughter’ and it lead to creating a huge havoc among Nepal’s citizens. It was to be believed that Janaki had been born in Janakpur, which is a part of southeast Nepal.

Kathmandu’s major Balendra Shah has asked to stop the screening of Hindi films all over the country. He also revealed that he would be willing to face the repercussions but will not allow the movies to be shown, as it is a matter of “Nepal’s sovereignty and independence.”


The mayor has also revealed in a Facebook post that he wouldn’t obey the court’s order and is ready the face the consequences. Further, he added, “The film’s writer said that Nepal was under India, this clearly shows India’s ill intention. To term this as a stunt by the Nepal government and to issue an order by the court in favor of screening the movie means, to accept that Nepal was once under India’s rule, the court and the government are both the slaves of India,” Shah said in the post. “I am ready to face any punishment for this but the movie won’t work and won’t be allowed to run,” as quoted by the Indian Express

Adipurush has been criticized in large numbers now due to altering the culture and showcasing scenes that were irrelevant to the film. The movie has also led to hurting the sentimental values towards their gods.