Neetu Kapoor says son Ranbir Kapoor ‘balances love’ between her, Alia Bhatt

Neetu Kapoor discusses her connection with Alia Bhatt, and how returning to work has helped her deal with her husband’s passing.

Neetu Kapoor is now again pursuing her passion for acting. After a prolonged break, the actor has returned to the spotlight, and she claims the experience has helped her find her balance following the demise of her husband Rishi Kapoor in 2020.  The actor will be seen in JugJugg Jeeyo, which releases this Friday

Neetu is thinking back on her marital and family memories as she promotes her new movie, which is about love, marriage, divorce, and everything in between. Neetu speaks openly about Rishi, her mother-in-law Krishna Raj Kapoor, and how her son Ranbir Kapoor is juggling his relationships following his marriage to Alia Bhatt in this interview.

Neetu on why she decided to get back to acting after nine years, says, “Once an actor, always an actor. But, you need a lot of confidence, which I had lost in the interim because I had not worked for so long. Then I lost my husband… When I started shooting the film, I didn’t have it. But now I think I am confident, I can do it and I’ll now keep doing more work.”

She shared, “People asked me how will be my relationship with Alia, and it will be be the same as it was for me and my mother-in-law. Alia is a lovely person. She is a beautiful, simple, uncorrupted human being. So, I feel the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the husband’s fault. Because you love your mother so much, and jab tum joru ka gulaam ban jaate ho na, fir maa ko problem hoti hai. If you balance your love for your mother and your wife, it is always nicer. She will love you more. When you become too much of your wife, that’s when the mother feels.”