Multinational apparel marketplace Zaffori to launch official website


Multinational apparel marketplace Zaffori is set to unveil its official website  An extension of the brand, the site will mark the next step on Zaffori’s journey of defining itself.

Headquartered in New York, the online marketplace will connect distinctive global exclusive designers with customers seeking to shop through a unique product range. Zaffori will specifically cater to the individual designer’s target audience, through detailed market research, marketing and brand awareness schemes.

Offering apparel for both men and women in a variety of categories, the website will focus on the ease of doing business. “The site is made to be user friendly for the customer and for the designer,” informs Gauri Shah, president, Zaffori Ventures. “It is meant to feel like an experience for the customer. It’s supposed to feel classy, exclusive, luxurious, glamorous, and at the same time, exhibit simplicity,” she adds.


The site’s colors are going to be minimal as the brand will stick to black and white mostly. The aim is to have a clean and sharp look, furthermore emphasizing simplicity.

Ordering from Zaffori is made to be simple and efficient for the customer. A simple three step process will make it very convenient to purchase made-to-order/made-to-measure products from the site. Firstly, the customer will select the design/product they want. Then, input their measurements in a form that will pop up when one clicks on ‘Add to cart’. Once the measurements are added on the site, one can simply proceed to checkout and pay, and the order would be complete. It’s as simple as that.

To further aid customers, there will be an in-depth measurement video showcasing how to take measurements, in case customers need assistance. The brand is being partnered with UPS, allowing it to make its shipping process much more efficient for both the designer and customer. In addition, customers will also be able to easily track the production progress of their garments and be given real-time updates.