Jr. NTR’s action sequence with wild animals Rajamouli’s RRR reaches a huge success

Reports claim that Jr. NTR’s scene in RRR as Komaram Bheem has millions of views and RRR has grown to be among Netflix’s most-watched movies

RRR, directed by SS Rajamouli and starring Jr. NTR and Ram Charan in the key roles, has become the largest box office success in Indian cinema. Every scene in the movie is enjoyable to see, and the movie delivers viewers a visual delight. While the entire film was well received by the audience, one moment in which Jr. NTR used animals to fight the bad guys stood out and completely blew everyone’s mind.

NTR Jr. plays Komaram Bheem, who attacks British property in order to save a Gonda tribal girl. In just 48 hours, this video that was shared on a Twitter account from the West reportedly had 11 million views. When Bheem entered the screen with wild creatures storming out of his vehicle in the movie, the audience in the theatre was recorded applauding raucously. It is the Indian-based action scene that received 11 million views in only 48 hours.

This amazing accomplishment occurs while RRR keeps rising. The movie, which debuted in March, received raving reviews and had an amazing box office run. The movie provided a visual spectacle and broke up the pandemic slump at the theatres. Among Hollywood audiences, RRR has emerged as one of the most talked-about movies. The public, Hollywood stars, and reviewers have been gushing about the movie as it is presently playing on OTT platforms, praising its aesthetics, cinematography, and other elements.