Allahabad University witnesses open firing, torching of university properties and burning of teacher’s vehicles


Allahabad University witnessed an unfortunate incident within the premises where students and guards clashed citing unruly crowds to misbehave with university’s security personnel.


The university stated that the hundreds of miscreants made a herd and ransacked the campus and teacher’s vehicles, burnt many bikes and set arson.

University also claimed that the unruly elements set the generator on fire, torched the university canteen, and firing also occurred.

Tomorrow, December 19, Allahabad University will remain closed. On Monday, AU published a notice.

The notice stated “work in university will remain suspended tomorrow i.e. 20th December 2022”. Violence broke out in Allahabad University amid Guards and students today in the afternoon. The matter escalated and students alleged guards opened fire on them. However, Allahabad University in its statement scrapped the allegations and said “None of the guards of the university opened fire while the aerial firing was being done regularly by the unruly elements.”