Akshay Kumar to start working on Capuse Gill, biopic of mining engineer Jaswant Gill

Following his appearance in Samrat Prithviraj, Akshay Kumar is preparing for the release of Raksha Bandhan and has also started working on Capsule Gill.

Akshay Kumar keeps making movies and running his company no matter what happens at the box office. The actor, most recently seen in Samrat Prithviraj, is getting ready for Raksha Bandhan, which is scheduled to hit theatres in August 2022. While there is still time for that, Akshay will start shooting for Capsule Gill. Akshay will play the lead role in the biopic, which is based on the life of chief mining engineer Jaswant Gill. Together with Rustom director Tinu Suresh Desai, Akshay will go to the UK to begin production on the movie.

The film starring Akshay, is a true story based on Gill’s life, as the chief mining engineer, who oversaw the rescue operation that saved over 60 lives in 1989 when a Raniganj coal mine flooded. According to rumors, Akshay would continue filming in the UK till the end of July before returning to India to promote Raksha Bandhan.

Parineeti Chopra, who played Akshay’s on-screen wife in Kesari, will appear with him in Capsule Gill. The actress and Akshay will start filming together sometime in September for the second session of the movie, which will take place in Raigarh in West Bengal Raniganj.