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Are you seeking ways to motivate your contact center agents and boost sales?, a top contact center outsourcing firm, shares the best ways to do that.


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Contact agents are crucial in handling incoming and outgoing calls with customers. They are the first link between the customers and the business, and thus, they are pivotal to the success of a business. While this may seem extremely simple, it is not. Most contact centers struggle with low productivity and high employment turnover rates due to the demanding nature of the job. Therefore, business owners need to invest in their contact center agents to have an A-plus contact team. A great to invest in the agents is to provide constant motivation, and here are ways to do it right.

Why Motivation Is Important

In business, nothing is more important than having motivated employees. Motivated workers are highly productive and efficient. They love their job and always put their best foot forward for the sake of the business. Low morale, on the other hand, reduces the quality of work and productivity. Moreover, a lack of morale increases employee turnover, a nightmare for businesses. High worker turnover means spending more on training new staff who end up not staying, which becomes costly in the long run. You also incur extra charges on the recruitment process and have less experienced workers. In a nutshell, low morale means lost business opportunities, reduced customer satisfaction, and reduced revenue.

How to Motivate Your Contact Centre Agents

Motivation is an intangible but necessary driving force that keeps an employee focused on the goals. It goes beyond compensation for their services. If you have an inefficient contact center team and are considering trying to outsource contact center, try motivating your team first using the following tactics.

Set Goals

Like other employees, contact agents need clear goals. You need to set their immediate and long-term aims. Goals will keep the agents focused, give them a sense of direction, and provide clarity to meet business objectives. Also, clear goals put everybody working towards the same aim. Moreover, involve the agents when setting the goals. It will give them a sense of responsibility.

Provide Training

The business world keeps changing, and so do the skills needed to handle the ever-changing tastes and preferences of customers. Investing in training will build and equip your agents with the essential skills required to carry out their roles. It will boost their confidence in undertaking their obligations since they will be mentally and technically ready to tackle any obstacles that come their way. Thus, they will be motivated to work, which will translate to high worker engagement, resulting in high productivity.

Offer Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

The roles of contact agents are mostly monotonous. It involves repetitive tasks, which may lead to boredom. Ensure that you provide your agents room for growth. For instance, you can give opportunities for workshops and seminars, learning new skills, promotions, or inclusion in special projects to foster professional growth. By giving the agents opportunities for growth, you’ll motivate them and give them the tools they need to carry out tasks.

Invest in the Right Technology for the Job

Having the right tools is a major motivating factor for contact center agents. Have you ever tried to do something only to find you do not have the necessary equipment? It is disappointing, and often, you leave the task to a later date or do away with it altogether. The same applies to contact center agents. Technology is evolving quickly; hence, you need to equip your agents with the latest technology in the field. It will enable them to carry out their tasks seamlessly and effectively. For instance, agents dealing with outbound calls rely on advanced technology to run campaigns to convert cold calls into successful sales. Provide such technology to motivate them to work.

Build a Positive Environment

Poor working environment is among the leading causes of high employee turnover. Contact center jobs can be stressful. The agents deal with customers of different characters; some have attitudes, and some are rude. The agents need emotional and physical support to keep doing their tasks. Creating an environment that supports collaboration, teamwork, and open communication is paramount. Avoid behavior such as micromanaging and abusive language and put measures for conflict resolution in place. It will make the agents feel safe and motivate them to show up and carry out their duties.

Promote Work Life-Balance

A major problem associated with contact center jobs is the working schedules. In most companies, contact center agents are available 24/7. However, the agents have a social life, family obligations, and other personal engagements. Therefore, you should support work-life balance by ensuring flexible schedules. It can be on a rational basis, especially if you’re a 24/7 type of company. You can also support remote working for less complex tasks. Ensure that the agents are not overworked and give them days off.

Encourage a Culture of Employee Recognition

Contact center agents are important; their role can make or break your business. Ensure to applaud your agents when they do well. Offer proper remuneration and congratulations on a job well done. You can use strategies such as employee of the year rewards and performance-based incentives to motivate them.

Without a doubt, contact center agents play a crucial role in enabling business growth by boosting sales. It is vital to maintain a safe and healthy working environment and provide training on skills required for the job to increase their motivation. Also, provide the necessary equipment to make them work efficiently. Moreover, promote work-life balance and recognize their efforts. Motivating contact center agents is crucial to ensure that they bring their A-game to the job to propel the business to success. So, invest in your contact center agents and see your sales skyrocket.

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