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Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, based in Ontario, CA, is recommending that the community learn more about the impact failed drug tests can have on their eligibility for workers’ compensation. The firm directs all interested parties to a recent blog post, available for free on the official website, for more details. See more here: Work Injury Lawyer Ontario.

Despite the fact that workers’ compensation exists to protect the rights of workers injured on the job, certain factors can greatly harm their ability to seek compensation. It is in a worker’s best interests to understand the full extent of their rights, particularly if they are employed in an industry or workplace where they are liable to suffer an injury. Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer makes it a point to educate clients who stop by for a personal consultation, but the firm says a great deal of insight can be gained from other sources as well.


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To make it easier for workers to learn more, the firm published ‘Workers’ Compensation And Drug Tests In Ontario, California’ via their website’s blog space. The article offers many insights on the relevant laws and how they can affect a worker’s path to compensation. To begin with, it is important to understand why workers’ compensation is a necessary part of every workplace.

“The benefits may include medical care, rehabilitation and compensation for lost wages,” explains the article. “In California, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, meaning that benefits are paid regardless of who is at fault for the job-related accident or illness. Yet, certain factors may influence a worker’s eligibility for these benefits.”

For instance, the state gives employers the right to require drug tests, and this is more common in industries that have elevated safety standards. There are several opportunities for a drug test to be administered, with some employers preferring to require them pre-employment and others mandating a more randomized implementation. Many also have a policy of requiring a drug test immediately following an accident.

The article says, “A failed drug test can potentially complicate a workers’ compensation claim. Under California law, if an employee is intoxicated at the time of an accident and this intoxication directly leads to the injury, workers’ compensation benefits can be denied. Thus, understanding the relationship between drug tests and workers’ compensation eligibility is crucial.” See more here: Wrongful Death Lawyer Ontario.

The article does clarify that a failed drug test does not equate a guaranteed loss in court. While it is true that workers in this situation have indeed had their claims denied, certain cases have had courts rule that the worker’s intoxication must be the primary cause of the injury in question in order for benefits to be denied.

According to Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, this means that workers should still seek a lawyer’s assistance if they have failed (or expect to fail) a drug test. Swift action, combined with the right evidence, may swing the outcome of a case in their favor. This is particularly necessary in Ontario, CA, given that the city houses a wide range of industries with unique safety concerns.

Anyone in search of an experienced attorney who can guide them through California workers compensation law — and represent them in court — would do well to turn to Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer. The firm has a great deal of experience with all manner of personal injury cases, and they are accustomed to helping clients prove that the responsibility for any injuries sustained in the workplace lies in the employers’ hands.

Given the steep medical costs, lost wages, lifestyle changes and so on that can follow an injury, especially when it is sustained in an industrial setting, an affected party’s best recourse will often be to seek compensation. While this would be extraordinarily difficult to accomplish on their own, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is here to help.

The firm offers assistance with a wide range of cases that involve injuries, from motor vehicle accidents to slip and fall incidents. Anyone may contact Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer via phone or email to schedule a free consultation. Learn more about their services here: Injured Child Lawyer Ontario.


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