Why Everyone Has a Role in Creating AI Ethics Standards: Intetics CEO and President for Forbes Technology Council


NAPLES, Fla., Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Boris Kontsevoi, the President and CEO of Intetics, a leading American software engineering and data processing company, formulates a personal perspective and opinion on AI ethics standards for Forbes Tech Council, an invitation-only community for senior-level technology executives.

In an increasingly AI-dominated world, even the realm of governance is not immune. Governments worldwide are actively pursuing regulatory measures to address the deployment of emerging technologies. Their goal is to strike a balance between fostering innovation and safeguarding citizens, addressing concerns related to privacy, security and AI ethics.

As AI steadily integrates into our daily lives, ethical dilemmas have come to the forefront. I firmly believe that this duty extends beyond government boundaries; it’s a shared responsibility encompassing each and every one of us, especially business leaders working with or on AI technology.


Personal Perspective

Allow me to share my personal perspective and opinion. AI is making incredible progress and has the potential to achieve amazing feats. Witnessing AI-driven innovations and lifelike robotic dogs leaving audiences in awe at conferences, it’s undeniable that AI’s potential is breathtaking.

The world recently received AI tools, which are powerful tools for boosting the work of both each employee and the company. That said, it is important to learn how to use them correctly. In my team, for example, we have developed an “AI tool usage policy” in response to the increasing usage of AI. This policy addresses questions regarding acceptable and prohibited AI-related practices.

Additionally, I would recommend companies conduct surveys to assess AI adoption in your company. When my company conducted a survey, we found that approximately half of our team was already using AI, and 90% of those who were not using it expressed a strong interest in learning more and integrating AI into their work processes.

I aspire to continue in this direction, increasing work productivity and enhancing its quality with AI. However, there is a troubling feeling: What if this technology ends up in the wrong hands? It’s a disconcerting prospect, emphasizing a critical concern: AI’s progress demands an in-depth examination of ethical applications.

AI has transformed lives, affecting governance, industries, decisions and daily routines. Yet, it’s imperative to remember that the responsibility for steering the course of AI is not vested in governments alone.

Each of us has a stake in defining the ethical boundaries governing AI’s development and utilization. Recent strides, like the European Parliament’s AI laws, are notable, but shaping AI’s path isn’t solely the job of officials. Are we ready for this journey? The answer lies in our actions.

Principles To Navigate AI

AI applications in various industries bring some serious ethical challenges, including potential job displacement, concerns about the impact on humanity, issues related to security and transparency and debates surrounding singularity and the rights of AI entities.

Every industry faces these dilemmas as they integrate AI technology, and each leader will find unique solutions. However, there are common guiding principles I adhere to in addressing the challenges with AI ethics.

  • Provide information, knowledge, ethics and news about AI. Gaining a deep understanding of AI’s ethical implications is vital. Whether a person is in a corporate position or leading an ordinary life, understanding the intricacies of artificial intelligence is necessary. Knowledge empowers people to hold decision makers accountable and advocate for ethical AI practices.
  • Support human values and rights. The governance of AI depends on maintaining rights and privacy. Regardless of status, respecting ethical boundaries is critical. This is especially true for those who create artificial intelligence technologies since their actions have critical implications that affect the entire society. They must pay attention to whether AI technologies are relevant to human well-being.
  • Encourage and support open communication, dialogue and questions. Transparent dialogue is necessary and helps build trust and understanding. From government to corporations to individuals, the exchange of ideas promotes understanding. Leaders must lead by example when interacting with experts, politicians and the public. AI companies must also engage citizens in this dialogue, as they also have a responsibility to participate.

Shared Responsibility for AI Ethics

While AI’s potential offers prospects, it also raises concerns about potential misuse. This underscores the importance of ethics. Governments may enact regulations, but the true impact depends on individuals, especially the companies creating or working with AI technology.

Therefore, let me emphasize my point by acknowledging the rapid growth of AI worldwide. I firmly assert that AI is no longer a matter of choice; it’s an undeniable reality. It’s up to all of us, whether in government, business or as individuals, to decide how we implement AI ethically.

In simple terms, we collectively shape the future of AI, and it rests within our acceptance. We are laying the groundwork for AI, and yes, we are navigating through uncharted territory. Let’s ensure that AI works to benefit humanity’s best interests.

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