Vulcan Blockchain’s Auto-Staking Looks to Solve SEC Issues


BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, Feb. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vulcan blockchain has recently announced that it is in the final stages of Alpha Testnet and preparation for the launch of its innovative auto-rebasing layer 1 blockchain, which is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. The new blockchain is designed to solve supply side issues relating to market liquidity availability and stability and looks to solve some of the regulatory issues which may well become a headache to crypto investors this year.

The new auto-rebasing feature is designed to allow the blockchain to automatically readjust its balance via adjustment of native Vulcan blockchain $VUL coin circulating supply each 15 minutes. Such a mechanism is an innovation in coin price stability maintenance in the long term and is invaluable in providing transparency.


SEC Rulings

The release of the auto-rebasing feature comes in light of news that the Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking to ban cryptocurrency staking. Vulcan Blockchain solves this issue through the use of the auto-staking feature within the protocol framework and allows investors to rely on the innovative technology to circumvent any potential bans and continue earning yields on staking.

The heightened interest towards staking on the part of the SEC is the result of high yields resulting from such cryptocurrency investments. However, the auto-staking feature will provide a secure way of earning on staking despite any potential regulations or sanctions, making it an ideal solution for investors willing to continue to leverage the immense potential of passive earnings received from cryptocurrencies and DeFi.

Auto Rebasing – A Hedge to Inflation

The Vulcan blockchain is the first network to feature a built-in auto-rebasing mechanism and an auto-compounding feature. The latter allows $VUL coin holders to increase their asset ownership with each network epoch.

The auto-rebasing feature is also meant to provide greater reliability and predictability regarding the operation of the network as a whole by basing operations on a clearly outlined set of rules and conditions. Investors will thus have a greater understanding of project economics and will be able to plan their asset management in advance, thus making the project attractive in the highly volatile and unpredictable blockchain space.

Vulcan’s unique ‘Fire Pit’ burning mechanism, which applies a zero address, will be used to maintain both the auto-rebasing and auto-compounding features. The mechanism foresees the burning of up to 80% of all transaction fees, thus reducing circulating supply on a permanent basis. The given measure applied to the $VUL coin will make it a hyper deflationary asset and thus an inflation-hedged store of value.

The Vulcan blockchain development team, headed by Australian entrepreneur Bryan Legend, is confident that the network will add value to the blockchain market as a whole and will prove to be attractive for investors.

About Vulcan Blockchain

Vulcan Blockchain is the first blockchain with a built-in Auto-Rebasing mechanism, which adjusts the circulating supply of $VUL (the native coin) every 15 minutes. The Vulcan Blockchain is also Auto-Compounding, which means that as a holder of $VUL, your ownership of coins increases with each epoch. The third and revolutionary new feature is Auto-Staking which grants holders yield of 44% APR by not needing to ‘stake’ their coins anywhere apart from the only requirement to keep hold in their own wallet. The combination of these features, along with the commitment to decentralization, makes the Vulcan Blockchain the ideal platform for DeFi applications.

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