Vamstar Unveils TenderGPT: First-of-Its-Kind AI-Powered Tender and RFP Management Platform


LONDON, July 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vamstar is excited to announce the launch of TenderGPT, an innovative AI-powered platform set to transform how pharmaceutical, medtech, healthcare, and lifescience businesses handle tender and RFP processes. Scheduled for release tomorrow, TenderGPT promises to streamline workflows, automate responses, and provide comprehensive data orchestration to support teams in making informed decisions.

About TenderGPT

TenderGPT is the first-of-its-kind AI platform specifically designed to make tender and RFP management more efficient and accurate.


The platform provides comprehensive insights for better decision-making and helps teams streamline their workflows. With TenderGPT, all necessary data is meticulously organized and easily accessible, ensuring that teams are always prepared to respond swiftly and effectively to tender opportunities.

Key features include:

  • Global Tender and RFP Tracking:
    Users can track tenders and RFPs in over 100 countries, ensuring they never miss an opportunity. Using a chat-like interface to quickly locate tenders and set alerts so you never miss one.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration:
    Integrate historical internal data on notices, awards, and responses with current external data, ensuring swift and efficient responses while maintaining complete privacy. This seamless integration protects all sensitive information, enhancing data accessibility and usability.
  • Tender War Gaming and Analysis:
    Advanced analytical tools help simulate and strategize tender and RFP responses, enhancing the chances of success.
  • Tender Document AI:
    This feature automatically fills out tender and RFP questions, saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy.

Key Benefits of TenderGPT

  • Efficiency: Automates tedious tasks, allowing teams to focus on strategy and decision-making.
  • Accuracy: Ensures all data is meticulously organised and accessible across accounts.
  • Global Reach: Tracks tenders and RFPs from a vast array of sources worldwide.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Provides comprehensive insights and analysis to support strategic planning.
  • Complete Privacy: Protects all sensitive information while enhancing data accessibility and usability.

This innovation marks a significant step forward in making tender and RFP management processes more efficient and accurate, ultimately enhancing strategic decision-making and overall workflow efficiency.

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