Unlocking the Future of Real Estate Investment: An In-Depth Look at HOTTEL’s Multi-Layered Ecosystem


SINGAPORE , Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What is HOTT and what does it solve?

HOTTEL is a digital “Share” token created by Beach Avenue Financial (BAF), designed to serve as an ownership vehicle for digitizing and productizing a large chain of commercial real estate assets. These assets are primarily in the hospitality, residential, and senior living sectors. BAF itself is a fully digitalized commercial real estate asset portfolio fund, with 600 million digital shares issued in the form of HOTTEL tokens.


HOTTEL aims to address three core issues in three interconnected industries:

  1. Crypto Market Volatility: The cryptocurrency market has been characterized by extreme volatility, susceptibility to manipulation, and non-tangible asset values. HOTTEL offers a more stable, asset-backed investment option.
  1. Hotel Industry Inefficiencies: The hotel industry has suffered from poor performance due to an oversaturation of hotels in core markets, poor location choices, and property sizes that do not match market demand. HOTTEL seeks to improve the valuation and performance of assets in the hospitality industry by digitizing them and incorporating them into a larger, more diversified portfolio.
  1. Underserved Luxury Senior Living Market: There is a significant shortfall in the luxury senior living market, particularly for unassisted living. HOTTEL aims to fill this gap by incorporating senior living real estate into its portfolio, thereby creating more opportunities for development and service provision in this sector.

The operation of the HOTTEL and BAF ecosystem is managed by Beach Avenue Financial Manager (BAFM), responsible for the fund’s smooth operation, acquisitions, investments, reinvestments, and day-to-day activities.

In summary, HOTTEL serves as a digitized, asset-backed solution aiming to stabilize cryptocurrency investments, optimize the hotel industry, and meet the growing demand in the luxury senior living market.

Token Overview 

  1. Token name: Hottel
  2. Token symbol: $HOTT
  3. Total supply: 600,000,000
  4. Total circulation Supply: 500,000,000

Coinstore Listing

  1. Trading pair: HOTT / USDT
  2. Trade time: 2023/10/25 17:00(UTC+8)
  3. Withdrawal time: 2023/10/25 17:00(UTC+8)

What are the utilities of HOTT?

The utilities of the HOTTEL token, based on the information provided, are as follows:

  1. Asset-Backed Investment: HOTTEL serves as the world’s first fully tangible real estate asset-backed digital currency, providing a more stable investment option compared to volatile cryptocurrencies.
  1. Ownership in Digital Commercial Real Estate Portfolio: Investors holding HOTTEL tokens essentially have a stake in a digitalized commercial real estate portfolio that spans across various sectors like hospitality, residential, and senior living.
  1. Future Usability: The token is designed to be future-proofed and will be usable as a spendable currency at a later stage. Additional features for the token are also planned and require minimal development.
  1. Tradability: HOTTEL tokens are fully tradable and are built on the ETH V2 cryptocoin structure. They will be available on Coinstore’s exchanges in Singapore, Dubai, and London. Tokens can also be privately traded to other METAMASK wallet holders.
  1. Regulatory Compliance: The exchanges perform KYC Due Diligence to SEC standard regulations, ensuring that the funds used for purchasing HOTTEL tokens are not involved in any unacceptable activities.
  1. Off-Exchange Holdings: Prior to the public exchange launch, all coins sold are held in either the buyer’s or the fund’s private offline currency wallet within METAMASK, one of the safest wallet systems in the industry.
  1. Management Expertise: HOTTEL tokens are backed by a globally recognized team and partnered with specialist management companies for operational expertise in the real estate sectors they invest in.
  1. Operational Flexibility: Due to partnerships with accredited and approved hotel brands, the tokens have the underlying capability to be diversified across various types of real estate assets, enhancing their utility and value.
  1. Proof of Concept and Data-Driven: The token comes with the assurance of proof of concept, scale, and consistency in previous real estate deals, ensuring a data-driven approach to investment.
  1. Independent Trading: Once live on exchanges, tokens can be uploaded to any cryptocurrency exchanges where the asset has been onboarded, facilitating broader market participation.

Overall, HOTTEL tokens offer a multifaceted utility, combining tangible asset backing, future spendability, tradability, and regulatory compliance, all while being managed by a team of industry experts.

What does the project ecosystem include? 

The project ecosystem for Beach Avenue Financial’s HOTTEL token is a comprehensive approach to real estate investment and development that touches on a variety of property types and market sectors. The ecosystem aims to acquire both independent buildings and branded hotels. Independent buildings of interest are those that are upscale, upper upscale, and luxury boutique in varied locations such as resorts, cities, and unique destinations. These properties should have demonstrated strong performance prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and should ideally be suitable for repositioning or multi-use development, especially in major metro centers like New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

Branded hotels within the focus of this ecosystem are those that are midscale and either limited or full-service, located within drive markets or as destination and resort properties. These hotels should be ideally post-renovation with no additional Property Improvement Plans (PIPs) required. Properties that are already in foreclosure or close to it are especially of interest, as are groups of properties that share markets and audiences.

As for the metrics of the properties to be purchased, hotels should have between 200 to 300 rooms with a prior Average Daily Rate (ADR) of $150 to $450 and at least a 55% occupancy rate. For apartment buildings, the target is buildings with 100 to 200 units and a per calendar month (PCM) unit rental value ranging from $1,000 to $6,000, with at least a 40% occupancy rate. The ecosystem is also interested in strip malls with a minimum of 150,000 square feet, and office buildings with a minimum of 125,000 square feet. Both types should be redevelopable into mixed-use units.

All acquired assets should have parking facilities for at least 150 vehicles and should either be currently operating or have closed within the past 15 months. Properties that are new builds but have run out of funds are considered particularly attractive. Importantly, all properties must be repositionable into a variety of real estate formats, including luxury independent hotels, aparthotels, multi-family communities, and 65+ luxury living facilities. A mix of longer-stay serviced apartments and studio-type accommodations is sought to diversify the portfolio and make conversions to independent living and residential or student accommodations more straightforward and cost-effective.

Financially, the ecosystem is structured around the HOTTEL token, which serves as an asset-backed digital share in the project. Beach Avenue Financial Manager (BAFM) serves as the fund manager, responsible for the smooth operation of the fund, acquisitions, investments, and reinvestments.

So, the HOTTEL project ecosystem is multi-layered, involving the acquisition, management, and redevelopment of a diverse array of real estate assets. These efforts are financially underpinned by the HOTTEL token, providing a novel and stable form of investment in the property market.

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