Uing, the AI Virtual Pet-Raising Platform, Announces its Global Launch



In June, Uing, an AI pet-raising platform, announced its impending global launch and is now in the final stage of internal testing and interactive procedures. Utilizing innovative AR and AI algorithms, Uing cultivates user-exclusive virtual pets with distinctive personalities and habits, potentially substituting real-life pets in each unique virtual pet’s ability to offer personalized companionship, entertainment, and growth.



Video Link: https://youtu.be/FFcjIZBtURo

Grounded in yet transcending reality, Uing provides emotive links and realistic interactions unparalleled in the industry. Virtual pets on this platform are equipped with genuine animal expressions and actions, can establish emotional bonds with users, and interact with real objects. With time, virtual pets form sentient thoughts based on interactions with users, evolving into emotional bastions in the digital realm. The virtual pets will dynamically adjust their appearance based on user’s habits and preferences, adopting the form of the user’s ideal pet. Uing virtual pets will know when to wake you up, which friend to introduce , where to take you on a trip, and even help with your dating life.

Uing virtual pets are unique in their scanning and modeling and pathfinding + 2-D teleporting technology. Blurring the boundaries between the virtual and the real world through AR spatial mixing technology, virtual pets can move  freely from one realm to the other, living within household spaces as real pets do.


Dissimilar to real-world pets, Uing virtual pets cater to the full spectrum of users’ fantasies, including eternal companionship, a spirituality transcending the corporeal, and the novelty of ancient mythical beasts. With striking special effects, they can morph into entities such as infernal pups clad in a knight’s flaming armor or traverse the bounds of enchanting fantasy realms alongside legendary species, thus fulfilling even the wildest of the users’ imaginations.

Uing can be installed on the latest Apple headsets and is compatible with Apple models including iPhone 12 Pro Max and beyond. Future plans include accommodating a wider range of devices based on user demand. With the official launch of Uing and the continuous enhancement of its ecosystem, users will be able to interact with virtual pets in myriad ways, accessing them via AR and mobile devices and enjoying more nurturing modes and evolutionary directions for deeper emotional connections. In the infinite future, Uing virtual pets will form bonds with users that will transcend human limitations, as well as the vast boundaries of time and space. 

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