Twitter asks brands to spend $ 1,000 each month on advertisements- Report


Elon Musk-owned Twitter is reportedly asking brands to spend $ 1,000 per month on advertisements, which will keep their verification status, the golden tick otherwise not. The micro-blogging app has set the deadline for the 7th of August and in accordance with that, those companies who do not meet the required demands with lose their verification on the platform.

The news was being reported by a media agency and as per it, the brands will have to pay $ 1,000 a month for keeping the golden tickmark. The symbol makes it evident that a particular page is owned by the official company itself. Elon Musk has said that the reasonably high price is to caution against the many fraud accounts created on the portal, which try to deceive the users.

Musk said, “The reason for the $1,000/month is to set a moderately high bar to be a verified org so that an org must be of a non-trivial size to qualify and to make it expensive for scammers to create millions of accounts.”


He even stated that the company has faced a downfall from the advertising revenue and also debts from the past which are making a negative cash flow.

The latest news comes right after Elon Musk even changed the iconic logo of Twitter, from changing the bluebird to his favorite letter ‘X.’ According to him, Twitter has grown into a whole different platform in recent past years, from enabling people to post short content to going live. And for that reason, a change in the logo was needed.