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Currently More Than 30 TIL Therapies Are Under Clinical Trials And No Therapy is Commercially Available in Market Says Kuick Research

Delhi, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy is an emerging field in cancer immunotherapy. As researchers all over the world are conducting clinical trials and exploiting the therapeutic potential of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, TIL therapy has generated a probability of becoming a major player in the landscape of cancer treatment. The pipeline of investigation of TIL therapies has rapidly expanded from a few products to more than 30 TIL candidates being tested in clinical trials

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The increasing understanding of the mechanism of cancer prognosis and immune system’s response to these tumor cells has led to the identification of new targets in case of cancer therapy, including the introduction of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes.  Currently, the market of TIL therapies is driven by a number of pharmaceutical companies, some of which are; Iovance Biotherapeutics, Obsidian Therapeutics, Instil Bio, Kite Pharma, Lyell Immunopharma, Bristol Myers Squibb and several others.

Iovance Biotherapeutics is a biotechnology company that specializes in producing TIL therapies and has been a frontrunner for a long time in this race of developing novel TIL therapies. The company’s lead TIL product candidate, Lifileucel is currently in phase II clinical trials for the treatment of metastatic melanoma. Additionally, to increase Lifileucel’s market reach, Iovance’s has been testing the combinational use of this product with anti-cancer therapies and have been exploring its use in other types of cancer.

For now, there is no FDA approved TIL therapy but is only a matter of time that this therapeutic approach enters the commercial market. If compared to the success of other adoptive cell therapies, the predicted market value for TIL therapy is very huge and it is quite anticipated that which company will gain the “first movers” advantage in this untouched emerging sector.

In addition to above mentioned companies, there are several other players in the TIL therapy market, including academic intuitions and government agencies. For instance, National Cancer Institute in the US has been conducting clinical trials on TIL therapy for the treatment of metastatic melanoma since the 1980s. Obviously, the Institute has progressed since then but it remains the sole reason that acted as a matchstick and ignited the quest for the use of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes.
As TIL therapy market continues to grow, we can expect to see more players enter the competitive space. The tumor infiltrating lymphocyte market is still in its early stage but is still able to present with growing and significant opportunities for companies that can successfully develop and commercialize TIL therapy products. When compared to the success of other adoptive cell therapies, TIL therapy is expected to have same or even huge impact on the market.

The success of companies in the TIL therapy market will depend on their ability to demonstrate safety and efficacy of their products. While early-stage clinical trials have shown promising results there is still a need for more collective data to establish the long-term safety and efficacy of TIL therapy. With better outcomes, companies will be able to better position themselves and gain market share ultimately, driving the growth of TIL therapy market.

This can be accomplished if companies collaborate and achieve their collective goal. For instance, Phio Pharmaceuticals entered into a clinical collaboration with AgonOx Inc to develop novel T cell based cancer immunotherapies using the former company’s lead INTASYL based candidate PH-762 and the latter’s double positive tumor infiltrating lymphocyte technology. The combination of the two technologies can result in an enhanced TIL therapeutic. Under the terms of the agreement AgonOx will be receiving financial support for conducting clinical trials from Phio Pharmaceuticals while the latter company is entitled to certain future development milestones and sales related royalty payments.

Such collaborative agreements and alliances are one of the major factors increasing the market entry of TIL therapy. This report contains information about such collaborations happening in this emerging market in terms of research collaborations, company acquisitions, or technology exchange. Furthermore, our report also contains information about more than 10 proprietary technologies developed by several pharmaceutical companies in order to maintain a lead in this evolving market of TIL therapy.

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