Trump Endorses Crypto on Truth Social, is Branded “Good for Bitcoin” and Altcoins like Ethereum and BlockDAG Network


Bitcoiners and Altcoiners Find a Champion in President Trump Amid 2024 Election

London, UK,, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Former President Donald Trump has publicly endorsed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Truth Social. This endorsement has sparked excitement among crypto enthusiasts and investors, branding Trump as “good for Bitcoin” and other altcoins like Ethereum and BlockDAG Network.


One in four Americans own Bitcoin, a statistic that underscores the growing influence of cryptocurrency in everyday life. This number surpasses the population of Americans over the age of 65, yet the concerns of Bitcoin holders are rarely addressed by political candidates. President Donald Trump, however, is making significant strides to appeal to these voters as he campaigns for the 2024 election.

At the recent Libertarian National Convention, Trump made a bold promise to protect the interests of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency holders. He vowed to “stop Joe Biden’s crusade to crush crypto” and assured Bitcoin enthusiasts that he supports their right to self-custody. 

This stance positions Trump as the clear choice for Bitcoin owners and the broader cryptocurrency industry in the upcoming election. He seems to recognize the wisdom in the pro-Bitcoin policies of global leaders such as Presidents Javier Milei of Argentina and Nayib Bukele of El Salvador. By acknowledging the importance of self-sovereignty and the value of decentralization, Trump, a businessman himself, connects with the growing distrust in traditional institutions like government and banks, exacerbated by his own experiences with legal and financial system challenges.

Truth Social and Crypto
Trump’s support for digital assets was clearly articulated throughout the last few weeks in a series of posts on Truth Social, where he emphasized the importance of financial sovereignty and the potential of cryptocurrencies to revolutionize the economic landscape. The businessman-turned-politician stated, “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies represent freedom from traditional financial systems that have failed us time and again. We must embrace this innovation to secure a prosperous future.”

This endorsement comes at a crucial time, as the cryptocurrency market is witnessing significant interest and investment. Trump’s comments have been seen as a strong signal of support, potentially leading to increased adoption and integration of digital currencies.

Impact on Bitcoin and Altcoins
Trump’s endorsement is particularly impactful for Bitcoin, which has long been the flagship of the cryptocurrency world. By aligning himself with Bitcoin, Trump is acknowledging its role as a valuable asset and a hedge against economic instability. His support is likely to bolster confidence among existing investors and attract new ones, driving the price and adoption of Bitcoin even higher.

Beyond Bitcoin, Trump’s positive remarks extend to altcoins like Ethereum and the emerging BlockDAG Network. Ethereum, known for its smart contract capabilities, stands to benefit from this endorsement as it continues to solidify its position as a leading platform for decentralized applications. The BlockDAG Network, with its innovative approach to blockchain technology and crypto-mining, also finds itself in the spotlight. Trump’s endorsement could accelerate its growth and adoption, positioning it as a key player in the next wave of cryptocurrency advancements.

Reactions from the Crypto Community
The response from the cryptocurrency community has been overwhelmingly positive. Influential figures and investors have praised Trump for his forward-thinking approach. “Trump’s endorsement is a game-changer,” said a prominent crypto analyst. “It not only validates the importance of Bitcoin, BlockDAG Network, and other cryptocurrencies but also sets the stage for broader acceptance and regulatory clarity.”4

BlockDAG Network’s Exponential Growth Potential
The BlockDAG Network stands to gain tremendously from Trump’s endorsement of crypto. Known for its innovative approach to blockchain technology and crypto-mining, the BlockDAG Network’s Smart-Mining capabilities offer a revolutionary way for individuals to mine cryptocurrencies efficiently. Now, this network could see accelerated growth and widespread adoption. Investors and whales are likely to flock to BlockDAG as it represents a new frontier in the crypto space, blending advanced technology with user-friendly applications, positioning it as a critical player in the future of digital currencies.

Ethereum’s Promising Future
Similarly, Ethereum is poised for substantial growth following Trump’s pro-crypto stance. As the leading platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts, Ethereum is already a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Trump’s support can enhance its legitimacy and attract new investments, fostering an environment where Ethereum can continue to innovate and expand. This could lead to exponential growth in its value and usage, solidifying its position as a vital asset in the digital economy.

Looking Ahead
For Bitcoiners and altcoiners, the upcoming election presents a clear alternative. A substantial portion of voters, nearly one-third, are considering candidates’ views on digital assets when deciding their vote. President Trump’s commitment to protecting Bitcoin and crypto ownership, mining, and transactions, as well as his opposition to a CBDC and restrictive regulations, makes him a strong advocate for the cryptocurrency community.

In conclusion, President Trump emerges as the best candidate for Bitcoiners and altcoiners in the 2024 election. His promises to support the digital finance industry, safeguard miners’ operations, and resist the creation of a CBDC resonate with the community’s desire for freedom and innovation. If elected, Trump’s policies could significantly enhance the status of Bitcoin and other digital projects within the U.S. government, potentially leading to a resurgence in the global cryptocurrency’s acceptance and growth.

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