The Second “GuangJieLi” Festival in Qingdao, China: A Fusion of History and Modernity, Tradition Meets the International


Qingdao, China, Feb. 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In Qingdao, a city woven from threads of history and modernity, the grand cultural celebration of the second “GuangJieLi” Festival has faithfully returned. From February 2 to February 25 (Lantern Festival), this month-long festival, co-organized by the local government and several cultural institutions has been held. It aims to further propel Qingdao’s economic and cultural advancement while offering both domestic and international tourists a distinctive glimpse of the city.

This edition of the “GuangJieLi” Festival has curated a rich tapestry of activities. From the exhibition of folk culture and sale of local specialties to culinary delights and artistic performances, each segment has been meticulously planned to immerse visitors in the dual essence of Qingdao’s past and present. The event underscores the preservation and elevation of Qingdao’s and China’s extensive cultural legacies, illustrating a seamless blend of the city’s historical depth with its contemporary progression.
Throughout the “GuangJieLi” Festival, attendees have the opportunity to marvel at diverse art installations, light shows, flower markets, and lantern festivities, among others. Furthermore, the presence of food stalls, trendy markets, light and shadow shows, and cultural courtyards ensure a plethora of visual and gastronomic pleasures. These offerings vividly bring to life the distinct allure and historical richness of the old city quarters, enabling a profound exploration of its artistic and cultural dimensions.

The organization of the event witnessed substantial backing from the local authorities, with significant contributions from businesses and the community. Their collective efforts not only enriched the festival’s array of entertainment and merchandise but also ensured the smooth execution of the proceedings. This collaborative spirit has propelled the event to unparalleled success.
The festival has enjoyed immense popularity, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors on the opening day alone, as reported by the organizers. These guests, hailing from across the globe, brought with them an avid interest and curiosity about Qingdao and Chinese culture. The cultural feast became a magnet for Chinese and international tourists alike, who eagerly captured and shared their experiences on social media, further amplifying Qingdao’s renown and influence. The “GuangJieLi” Festival has captivated the youth with its unique cultural vibe, contemporary trends, innovative art platforms, and culinary and social engagements, marking it as an ideal venue for cultural appreciation, fashion pursuit, creative exploration, and communal enjoyment.


The festival has rejuvenated the old city, restoring its vibrancy and business appeal and attracting the younger generation. This revival facilitated an organic melding of traditional culture with modern flair.

The successful conduct of the “GuangJieLi” Festival not only significantly bolstered Qingdao’s global stature but also substantially enriched the local populace’s lifestyle. Numerous visitors have shared that the event deepened their understanding and appreciation of Qingdao’s historical and cultural heritage, fostering a sense of respect and fondness for the city. Moreover, the festival has served as a splendid platform for cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world, offering guests from various corners an opportunity to delve into and experience Chinese culture.

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