The RED Carpet Connection Unveils Stellar Neuroscience-Based Consulting to Elevate Athletic Performance Offering Unmatched Benefits to Athletes


Findlay, April 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Findlay, Ohio –, LLC, a well-established enterprise specializing in business and publicity consulting, is excited to unveil a new dimension to its array of services — neuroscience-based consulting specifically designed for athletes. This innovative consulting service aims to enhance athletes’ mental toughness, focus, performance, and recuperation by implementing tactics based on Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Brain-based knowledge combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis Techniques as well as personality tests and other modalities. Thereby, they tap into the immense capabilities of the mind to boost positive results and optimize athletic performance through advanced mental training and strategies.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, founder of, LLC, is at the helm of this pioneering endeavor and a trailblazer in neuroscience-based consulting. Having previously worked with professional and amateur athletes, Dr. Adams-Miller has meticulously crafted these services to provide advanced and upward-rising athletes with superior strategies for mental fortification. She uses a myriad of neuro-based skillsets and mind mastery techniques to steer athletes toward achieving peak performance and resilience in their sporting endeavors and personal pursuits.


Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, Neuroscientist and International Publicity Business Consultant

The neuroscience-based consulting offered encompasses a holistic approach to amplifying athletic prowess. It revolves around building mental resilience to combat stress and adversities, sharpening focus and concentration to maintain optimal performance during competitive events and practice sessions, and implementing visualization techniques to refine skills and tactics. Additionally, a significant emphasis is placed on expedited recovery and fatigue management by equipping athletes with effective strategies to cope with the physical toll of their sports, consequently diminishing downtime and fostering overall health.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller articulates, “Neuroscience-based consulting for athletes is centered on unlocking the mind’s power to attain unparalleled performance. Athletes can push boundaries, surmount obstacles, and unlock their full potential by mastering brain-based strategies via mind mastery techniques. Our objective at, LLC extends beyond aiding athletes in excelling in their sports; we aim to nurture a success-oriented mindset applicable across all facets of their lives.”

In addition to embarking on this venture into neuroscience-based consulting,, LLC perseveres in offering an extensive range of business and publicity consulting services. These include masterful mind mastery coaching, sponsorship acquisition, and publishing services, all aimed at assisting CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, influencers, and other professionals in achieving their aspirations and realizing success beyond their expectations. For more information, book a consultation call with Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller.

For individuals intrigued by neuroscience-based consulting or other services,, LLC extends an invitation to contact Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller for further details at [email protected]. Moreover, Dr. Adams-Miller presents a free, groundbreaking, practical, scientifically validated personality test to help better understand the self. The personality test is devised to unlock individuals’ athletic prowess, business acumen, and personal potential. This assessment introduces profound knowledge of self, which, when combined with mind mastery techniques adopted in neuroscience-based consulting, is a game changer. Take the assessment here.

Dr. Adams-Miller adds, “The realm of neuroscience harbors vast possibilities for athletes intent on enhancing their performance. At, LLC, our dedication lies in offering innovative services that reveal our clients’ true potential. The introduction of neuroscience-based consulting for athletes marks the commencement of our journey towards achieving collective greatness.”, LLC, is positioning itself to significantly influence sports performance and athlete welfare by expanding its repertoire to include neuroscience-based consulting for athletes. With expert guidance and avant-garde mental strategies, the company endeavors to assist athletes in achieving unprecedented levels of success and resilience in their sporting careers and life beyond.


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