Tell the story of China and convey Chinese taste: Meijian shines at the United Nations Chinese Language Day


The Eastern elegance contained in Chinese plum liqueur is becoming popular overseas.

PARIS, FRANCE, April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the celebration of this year’s United Nations Chinese Language Day, Chinese plum liqueur brand Meijian was the only invited Chinese liquor brand to bring the charm of the Eastern culture and Chinese elegance to shine at the event.

The celebration of United Nations Chinese Language Day was held on April 18 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. It aims to showcase the charm of Chinese language and enhance the exchange and mutual learning between civilizations. The activities on the celebration mainly included a themed forum and reception, jointly organized by the Permanent Delegation of China to UNESCO, Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Minister of Education of China, and China Media Group Europe. Over 200 people from permanent delegations to UNESCO from various countries, the UNESCO Secretariat, universities in France and Europe participated in the themed forum.


During the themed forum, Yang Jin, the permanent representative of China to UNESCO, delivered a speech in which he mentioned that the theme for this year’s United Nations Chinese Language Day is “Chinese Language: Enhancing Cultural Exchange and Mutual Learning.” This is highly compatible with the UNESCO’s mission of preserving linguistic and cultural diversity, promoting mutual understanding and cultural exchange, and upholding sustainable world peace.

Chen Jie, Vice Minister of Ministry of Education of China and Director of the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, Tawfik Jelassi, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information, and Nicolas Idier, Mandarin Governor of France delivered speeches.

At the reception, Qu Xing, Deputy Director-General of UNESCO, and Tamara Siamashvili, Chairperson of the Executive Board of UNESCO, also delivered speeches at the reception respectively. On the reception, video clips celebrating Chinese Language Day were played, with other live performance including calligraphy shows, tea art performances, and singing of Chinese songs.

During the event at UNESCO headquarters, the unique Eastern flavor of Meijian green plum liqueur won unceasing praise from foreign guests, just like the beautiful and profound Chinese language.

The extensive Chinese culture is of long-standing because it takes Chinese language as the carrier. Likewise, the Chinese taste emphasizing soothing and refreshing of minds and the harmony of five flavors, is perfectly presented to the world in an elegant manner through Meijian today.

Liquor culture is expressed in writings, it is a special moment for Chinese plum liqueur, and also a shared moment between Chinese culture and the world.

Liquor culture is expressed in writings: Let the Eastern romance shine

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, and also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. As the only pictograph widely used in the world, Chinese, with its rich information and beautiful writing style, bears profound cultural heritage and connotation, and is attracting more and more people from the world to learn and use it.

At the celebration, the Chinese culture was displayed brilliantly in various ways. Zhou Bin, calligraphy teacher of former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Director of the Institute of International Communication of Chinese Calligraphy Culture, wrote and showed the beauty of Chinese characters, bringing the guests an immersive experience of Chinese calligraphy art. Tea art performances, instrumental performances, songs and other performances full of Chinese elements led guests to endless aftertastes.

Moreover, Meijian green plum liqueur attracted guests from different countries to stop and have a good taste. At its appearance at UNESCO headquarters, Meijian brought many products with the most native Chinese flavor, such as green tangerine plum liqueur, Dahongpao tea plum liqueur and 10-year-old chenpi (dried tangerine peel) plum liqueur. The rich aroma of plum liqueur stirred the taste buds, showing the ritual sense of Eastern life aesthetics in fine sipping and tasting.

The guests were very surprised after tasting Meijian green plum liqueur. “Unlike common spirits such as whisky, brandy, vodka and Chinese baijiu, Meijian is refreshing and soothing with its unique flavor. You can also smell the fresh and fruity aroma. It tastes better with ice.”

Meijian Green Plum Liqueur: Made in the East, Elegance to the World

As the representative of Chinese plum liqueur brand, this is not the first time that Meijian has surprised the world.

Also in France in June 2022, Meijian appeared in the Louvre “LES JEUX ARTISTIQUES” as the only invited Chinese liquor brand. In September, at the Moon Festival held by the Paris Government, Meijian was regarded as the “folk ambassador” of the two cuisine kingdoms of China and France, and entered the French public’s field of vision. In December, Meijian appeared at the Téléthon Dinner in Paris and joined with French cuisine, wining unanimous praise from nearly a hundred of cordon bleu chefs.

Not only in France, since its listing in 2019, Meijian has set off a “Chinese Plum Liqueur Hit” in the world more than 20 countries and regions including Germany, France, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. It has also emerged in many international competitions and won more than ten international awards.

Behind its elegance that attracting the world, there’s the Chinese cultural gene and Eastern aesthetic code conveyed by Meijian.

The taste of Meijian originates from a native Chinese fruit green plum and the brewing technology of light-aroma sorghum liquor that enjoys a long history. Adheres to the ingenious idea of “combination of good time, fine weather, quality materials and skilled craftsmen”, Meijian organically combines Eastern customs with traditional culture, and brews the Chinese flavor of plum aroma.

“Only what is national is international”. In many Westerners’ opinion, Meijian contains a unique Eastern romance, accurately translating and gracefully presenting the beautiful images of the East viewed by Westerners, from which people could perceive the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

José Luis Martínez, a member of the Permanent Delegation of Mexico to UNESCO, appraised of Meijian in an interview: “I think Meijian green plum liqueur is unique. Its taste is distinctive; it tastes great and soft. My favorite is Dahongpao tea plum liqueur. I believe that Meijian green plum liqueur will definitely be very popular if sold in high-end food exclusive stores in France.”

In fact, liquor, like food, has always been the common language of different nationalities all over the world since ancient times. Through good wines and liqueurs, people from different regions with different cultural traditions build a bridge of taste, which helps to understand and perceive each other’s cultural customs.

More importantly, with its taste of sweet and sour and strong universality and inclusiveness, Meijian not only goes well with all Chinese cuisines, but also matches with various delicacies in the world. Even the most discerning chefs of French cuisine admitted that the combination of Meijian and French cuisine can present rich taste layers and multiple charms. Meijian can be used as a good accompaniment for main courses and desserts, as well as apéritif and after-dinner drink.

Local cultures and lifestyles blend with each other in the collision of eastern liqueur and western cuisine. Like Chinese language and Chinese cuisine, Chinese plum liqueur represented by Meijian is also playing an active role as “presenter of cultural exchange”.

The Knot of Friendship from the East

Meijian has started the research on the origin and flavor experiment of Chinese green plum liqueur as early as 2014.

To restore the flavor and taste of Chinese plum liqueur to the greatest extent, Meijian has established four green plum bases and studied more than 100 varieties of native green plum. After more than 1700 flavor tests, it finally selected 10 “optimal plum varieties” that are most suitable for brewing plum liqueur.

From looking for suitable green plum varieties for flavor test, to the advent of products, and then to becoming a representative of Chinese plum liqueur, Meijian has been prepared for many years. At present, Meijian has a total of 11 products of Classic series, Eastern Plum Fragrance series, Eastern Terroir series and Eastern Rare series. These products bring rich taste to consumers while significantly expand the boundary of Chinese plum liqueur flavor.

In 2022, Meijian became the first brand with more than 1 billion RMB revenue in Chinese new liquors. In accordance with industry insiders’ analysis, the Chinese plum liqueur represented by Meijian has huge potential and vast space in the market, domestically but also internationally. Therefore, Meijian has announced its strategic goal this year – Continue to lead the industry with greater difference with others and win the battle of becoming a world-class brand.

With its frequent appearances on the world stage, Meijian is gaining greater international recognition. It is not only beginning make an impact in mainstream Western cultures, but also gradually entering the mainstream liquor consumption market in Europe and America. It’s to tell that Meijian is becoming a world-class brand of green plum liqueur with unique Chinese mark.

It is understood that Meijian’s vision is to establish the brand of Chinese plum liqueur. Just like Chinese porcelains and Chinese silk, Chinese plum liqueur is also worthy of productization, branding and even globalized operation.

Looking back at the splendid history of liquor, attempts and innovations of many liquor brands in the fields of wine, brandy, whisky, etc., have created world-famous liquors that people are familiar with. “Star of tomorrow” will also breed at today’s new consumption era under the tide of globalization.

In the east of the world, there are always great things worth spreading all over the world. As one of the oldest, richest and most beautiful languages in the world, Chinese language has set off a “Chinese fever” across the world, and become a beautiful representative of Chinese traditional culture to the world. Similarly, Meijian, a representative of plum liqueur brewed in China with Eastern flavor, is also blending into the global dinner liquors, becoming a great product to show the charm of Chinese culture to the world.

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