Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer, Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC, Set to Participate in FAPIA Live 2024


Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC will participate in FAPIA Live 2024, an event featuring games, educational content, and professional development opportunities for attendees.

Tampa, FL, July 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC is proud to announce that it will participate in FAPIA Live 2024: The Fair Claim Games. The annual event brings together professionals from all related fields, including engineering, legal, roofing, and software.

Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC, and other participants will also give attendees a chance to unlock the real prize, which is knowledge. With the insurance industry rapidly evolving, there are many things people miss. Luckily, the FAPIA Live 2024 will have industry leaders revealing some interesting trends, the latest secrets, and strategies in public insurance adjusting.


FAPIA has always been committed to providing networking opportunities. This year’s FAPIA Live 2024: The Fair Claim Games will be no different. Participants will have a chance to interact with industry leaders and other professionals. Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC will be available to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build relationships with attendees.

The October event also offers attendees the chance to take part in fun and interactive courses. Like any other industry, the world of insurance adjusting is constantly evolving, with new skills and techniques to learn. Attendees will discover these new insights from participants like Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC, equipping them to solve real-life problems.

In addition to participating in such events and actively contributing to organizations in Florida, Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC is committed to assisting those injured in accidents. With the firm’s help, clients can easily navigate processes such as case filing and knowing their rights.

Before pursuing a fair settlement, the firm helps clients determine the validity of their personal injury claim. This includes assessing factors such as negligence by the at-fault party and evaluating injuries and damages sustained. The team then proceeds to build a case by helping victims gather and organize medical documentation and collect additional evidence.

The next step is negotiations and settlement. Leveraging their three decades of experience, the litigators protect clients’ interests during negotiations and push for victims to be settled for economic and non-economic losses. These include medical expenses, lost wages, and non-economic losses such as pain and suffering.

Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC has trial experience, too. While most cases are resolved during negotiations, there are instances where insurance companies may offer lower settlements or refuse to settle at all. In such cases, the firm is prepared to take the case to trial, presenting arguments and facts to pursue a fair settlement.

About Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC

Mubarak, Sherif & Oladipo, PLLC offers a team of litigators with over 30 years of experience to represent clients in insurance claims. They represent those injured in auto accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, DUI injuries, and other personal injury cases. In addition to negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of their clients, the firm helps them explore the alternative route through trial – if negotiations do not result in a fair settlement.

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