Surge in demand for oximeters and testing kits as COVID-19 cases rise

With the rise in Covid cases, the demand for oximeters and testing kits has increased significantly as reported by Flipkart and 1MG. “The sale of oximeters and test kits saw a surge of over 4.4x and 12x in metros,” said a Flipkart spokesperson.

Recently been acquired by Tata Digital, 1MG also reported that the sale of testing kits has increased five-fold in January’s first week in comparison to the last week of December. Oximeters’ sale has grown by four-fold while that of the thermometers’ and respiratory masks’ sale has doubled during the period under review. It also observed a significant increase in demand for immunity boosters and vitamin supplements.

“They’re growing at a rate of 50 percent week on week. Our overall sales have seen a growth of around 40-50 percent in the last couple of weeks,” said Prateek Verma, Head ePharmacy Tata 1mg.