Steward Advisors Group on a Mission to Promote Human Flourishing Through Investments


For over three decades, Donald Simmons, founder of Steward Advisors Group has been merging philanthropy and investments, providing profitable financial advice that helps clients make a difference.

Halfmoon, New York, June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For most people, financial stability is essential to having a satisfied life. To ensure a lucrative future and minimize risks, many adults seek professional advice from companies like Steward Advisors Group (SAG), a New York-based firm dedicated to objective and transformational economic stewardship. With an all-encompassing team of experts, SAG is prepared to serve clients with diverse needs and budgets while fulfilling its mission of fueling charitable initiatives.

With an unwavering commitment to providing personalized services addressing needs as unique as each client, SAG advocates for leveraging the skills of multiple advisors to curate diversified portfolios. All customers have an opportunity to draw from the comprehensive expertise of the company’s staff and target specific financial goals to secure a financially stress-free future.


Parallel to the company’s goals of providing clients with stability and peace of mind is SAG’s commitment to intentional investments that make a difference through ethics. “Our passion is improving the lives of local, regional, and global underserved communities by helping clients take control of their finances,” shares Donald Simmons, the founder.

Behind Steward Advisors Group is the core belief that investments can be an elevated version of charity. To dispel the notion that donations are sacred and investments are secular, SAG helps clients use their finances to accomplish goals usually associated with nonprofits. From a purely economic point of view, donations don’t drive profits. SAG proves that people can do both—contribute to a better future while generating ROIs, ultimately propelling the cycle of ethical gains.

“Donations may not be the most effective solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems. Creating a job for the parents of a starving child may be far more effective than sending a box of food,” adds Donald. “We can invest in our children’s education or our retirement in ways that positively impact the world and support human flourishing.”

With that philosophy illuminating the path for all SAG advisors, clients have a unique opportunity to tap into the company’s acumen to curate diverse financial plans. From retirement strategies that ensure customers can spend their sterling years peacefully while contributing to a more equal future to rigorous insurance planning designed to address the risks of unexpected events, SAG remains committed to merging empathy and profits. That dedication is evident across the firm’s other services, such as success-driven college planning and impactful legacy strategies.

Central to SAG’s mission is an ethos built around Biblical values. “We believe that God is the one who wants to repair what is broken through justice and mercy. We try to shine the light on His character across all our projects, honoring the virtuous word written in the Bible,” adds Donald. Though a religious standpoint is the crux of SAG, the founder emphasizes that caring for others and desiring to do good are innate to the human experience; Donald adds, “You don’t have to be Christian to embrace these values. We can all contribute to a better future by being intentional with investments.”

As part of its mission, Steward Advisors Group frequently attends and hosts philanthropic events, such as the company’s annual Charitable Giving Awards, celebrating the extraordinary humanitarian efforts and achievements of charitable organizations.

Looking into the future, Donald hoped to move $1 billion worth of investments that align financial goals with human flourishing. “We can do both—do well for ourselves while nurturing the world. That’s what I have done for nearly 40 years,” he says. “I have already experienced the joy of helping others. Now, it’s time to follow my calling and use my skills and experiences to be a catalyst and encourage others to do the same. I want to spread the joy and show others there is a better way.”

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