soulbottles announces becoming certified as the most sustainable business in Germany


soulbottles, a social enterprise startup is excited to announce that they have reached the highest certification for sustainability in Germany and top 10 worldwide.

Berlin, Germany , May 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Berlin-based social enterprise, soulbottles, has announced their position as the highest rated B Corp company in Germany. The startup secured their impressive rank by prioritizing sustainable practices, charity, and other admirable initiatives.

B Corp conducts a holistic assessment of companies in five impact areas and applicants receive a detailed explanation of their rating for each category and subcategory. This precise level of reporting gives businesses clear feedback about their weaknesses and an opportunity to compare themselves against others undergoing the same certification. A score of 80 is required to become a B Corp company and their website calculates that an average organization would only reach 50.9.


The five impact categories are governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. Governance includes the company mission, social and environmental impact, and transparency. Workers is rated based upon the financial security, wellness, and satisfaction among employees. Community addresses DEI, economic impacts, charitable work, and supply chain management. Environment encompasses impacts on all facets of climate.

soulbottles has been rated by B Corp three separate instances and they have consistently raised their score. In 2015, soulbottles was given a score of 84.1 and was rated 106.8 in 2018. This year, it has been boosted to 167.5 and the company is very excited about that because supporting the environment has always been the top priority. The original motivation came when Paul Kupfer and his close friend were university students in Vienna. The pair saw a documentary about plastic waste and were determined to convince others to switch from single use bottles to reusable alternatives. They established the importance of charity from the moment soulbottles was founded by donating one euro for each bottle they sell. As the company grew, they were able to optimize their operations and maximize their impact. Namely, soulbottles acquired an ethical sourcing certificate for rubber gaskets, produced glass with 100% renewable energy sources, and reduced paper and cardboard use within packages. Additionally, they completed water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in Nepal and Zambia.

soulbottles’ main goal is to positively impact the environment and inspire individuals to adopt a sustainable way of living, but their next mission is to transform the glass industry. The company recently announced their Ultraglass product line, which is based on a unique technology for strengthening glass products, increasing the lifespan and reducing the industries carbon footprint.

“When soulbottles achieved a B Corp rating of 167.5 that was extremely validating for myself and the whole team because we have always put sustainability first. That spirit of the company was present from the beginning and the bigger we get the more that spirit is able to grow and the more people we are able to help. We share our profits with people who don’t have access to clean water, optimize our operations to be the most environmentally conscious, and work tirelessly to do something special for the world and the people in it,” says co-founder Paul Kupfer.

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