ShearRings Pioneers Better Future for Hairstylists, Preventing and Relieving Repetitive Motion Injuries


Patented by Emily Little, a professional hairstylist, ShearRings elevates the hair-cutting experience, providing comfort, customizing the grip, and preventing repetitive motion injuries.

Chicago, Illinois, May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Behind every haircut, from sharp and edgy bobs to trendy curtain bangs and voluminous waves, stands a committed hairdresser working relentlessly to create a genuine masterpiece. Long hours spent leaning over and chopping away often turn into chronic pain problems. As research shows, up to 71% of hairdressers suffer from work-related injuries, including repetitive motion injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, trapped nerves, and postural fatigue. To help prevent and relieve repetitive motion-related achings, Emily Little, a professional hairstylist, created ShearRings, a simple yet ingenious invention that provides comfort and corrects hairdressers’ grip.

ShearRings, flexible insert rings that help customize cutting shears, are made of a soft blend of rubber and plastic that provides a pliable, pleasant silicone-like feel. Thanks to their cushiony surface, hairstylists can use shears all day long without experiencing the usual agony after an entire day of gripping hard steel. Additionally, because of their flexible properties, ShearRings fit into nearly any shear sizes available on the market.


Invented by a hairstylist with one sole goal—to help other hairstylists—ShearRings is a comprehensive tool that can be enjoyed at all stages of a career. From the first years at a beauty school, where passionate beauticians learn the art of cutting, dyeing, and styling, to owning a salon and continuously impressing a devoted clientele, ShearRings helps maintain job longevity by reducing pain and injury risks.

For seasoned hairdressers, who most likely have experienced pain and injuries, ShearRings provides comfort and relief. For those only starting their career, the innovative gadget can prevent calluses and chronic afflictions by supporting nerves and customizing the grip from the beginning.

While some inventions are created out of a sheer desire to impress, Emily patented ShearRings as an answer to the evident and daunting need in the industry. As someone with petite and double-jointed fingers, Emily struggled to move her thumb and hold cutting shears painlessly, forced to bend and overwork her hand muscles.

“ShearRings was born out of my frustration,” she confesses. “When I realized the potential long-term damage to my health, I searched the market high and low for a solution. The only insert rings I found were made out of rigid plastic. And even then, no one really knew about them. There’s an overall lack of education, and ShearRings aims to bridge that gap.”

Considering the crystal-clear need for products that improve cutting shears, one may ask: “Why has no one invented them before?” Emily illuminates the issue, “Firstly, those likely to think of this idea are hairstylists. And we are exactly that. We’re not product engineers who know how to create tools that don’t exist. Shear manufacturers won’t do that since their focus is on delivering the highest steel and blade quality. When you factor in the size of the product, measured in millimeters, it requires patience and years of research to get the details and intricacies right.”

Because of muscle memory, many hairstylists exhibit concerns related to ShearRings and solutions alike. Used to holding their fingers in a specific way, salon workers worry any alterations made to their regular cutting shears will change the quality and style of their work. Emily emphasizes that while cutting hair with ShearRings might feel unknown and odd for the first few days, the inserts easily mold and change shape, adjusting to the shears and fingers.

ShearRings are available in classic black and coral pink. Each set contains five ring sizes designed to fit nearly all shear sizes and stabilize the cutting grip. During the development stages, Emily attempted expanding the range, creating rings suitable for even smaller fingers and shears. However, none of them fit as seamlessly as the five original measurements. A testament to her meticulous approach and commitment to excellence, Emily launched the rings she was proud to sign her name under, hoping to perfect the other sizes in the future. Additionally, the five sizes available are compatible with most pet grooming shears.

“I believe ShearRings should be essential in every hairdresser’s self-care routine,” Emily adds. “We stand on special mats and wear comfortable shoes, but we don’t pay enough attention to the health of our hand muscles. It’s a simple solution, but the comfort exceeds all expectations!”

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