Selina Zhang’s ArTreeficial, AI-Driven Solution to Pest Management, Featured in XYZ Media’s “Next Generation Innovators”


XYZ Media Highlights Selina Zhang’s ArTreeficial Project: An AI-Driven Innovation for Sustainable Pest Control in the “Next Generation of Innovators” Series

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XYZ Media Highlights Selina Zhang’s ArTreeficial Project: An AI-Driven Innovation for Sustainable Pest Control in the “Next Generation of Innovators” Series

XYZ Media, a trailblazer in bridging educational pursuits with technological innovation, proudly announces the latest feature in “Next Generation of Innovators”, a digital campaign that casts a spotlight on the exceptional young innovative leaders poised to shape the future of science, technology, and various global industries. This initiative celebrates the trailblazers whose creativity, drive, and innovation are catalyzing positive change in the world.


XYZ Media’s latest “Next Generation of Innovators” feature shines a light on Selina Zhang, an exceptional young innovator from North Hunterdon High School in Annandale, New Jersey, who has created ArTreeficial, an AI-powered solution that provides an innovative approach to controlling invasive spotted lanternfly populations, demonstrating a significant stride in ecological conservation and agricultural protection. Through her project, Selina has developed the first AI-powered artificial tree designed to effectively manage populations of the invasive spotted lanternfly (SLF), which causes substantial damage to agriculture. ArTreeficial employs a combination of SLF attractants, YOLO computer vision for accurate identification, and an electric, contact-dependent system for extermination, all integrated into a self-sustainable unit powered by solar panels. Additionally, ArTreeficial is designed to collect and dispose of the pests post-extermination, completing a full cycle of pest management. With an accuracy rate of approximately 90% achieved through initial field tests, the AI-tree has potential to be a dynamic, affordable, and autonomous solution to pest management.

The objectives of her research were to create an AI-based system that not only reduces SLF populations but also is eco-friendly, utilizing 100% organic attractants. The innovative system includes a

deep-learning model capable of high accuracy in real-world conditions and is remotely controlled through an app, making it an ideal solution for cost-efficient and environmentally conscious pest control management. The project also explores the possibility of using the system for other pests and integrating it into a larger Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure for comprehensive environmental monitoring.

Selina Zhang, speaking on her inspiration and the challenges faced, shares, “Living in New Jersey, which suffers greatly from the spotted lanternfly infestation, I felt compelled to address this ecological crisis innovatively. ArTreeficial is the culmination of my efforts to integrate technology, like computer vision, to combat this pest issue. Despite challenges such as developing a safe, eco-friendly, and effective electric net system on a curved surface, the journey has been rewarding. Looking ahead, I am excited to refine ArTreeficial and expand it as part of a larger IoT system for environmental monitoring, hoping to further integrate AI technologies responsibly with environmental stewardship.”

Jordan Hayes, Director of Communications at XYZ Media, states, “Selina Zhang’s ArTreeficial project exemplifies the innovative and problem-solving mindset we aim to highlight in our ‘Next Generation of Innovators’ series. Her work is a testament to how artificial intelligence and sustainable practices can come together to address serious environmental and agricultural challenges.”

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