ScholarTrip launches cost-effective travel option for young travelers


Texas-based online travel agency ScholarTrip offers airfare discounts to students and young travelers, even if they are not currently enrolled in an educational program.

Dallas, Texas, April 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Online student travel agency ScholarTrip has introduced a more affordable air travel option for students and youth travelers, allowing them to explore the world and learn valuable skills and lessons beyond those contained in textbooks.

According to ScholarTrip, while overseas study programs are its main market, its lower-cost offering is also applicable to travelers under age 30 who are not presently enrolled in any educational program, such as recent graduates or those taking gap years in their studies. This allows young professionals to continue accessing favorable airfare rates even after they’ve finished school.


The company’s partnerships with more than 60 airlines all over the world allows it to access substantial discounts for students and youth. As a full-service online travel agency, ScholarTrip provides information and assistance for visa and other logistical matters. Travelers can contact its 24/7 in-house call center to handle customer inquiries and help out with any immediate concerns, such as flight delays or cancellations.

In order for students and youth travelers to access the preferential fare prices, they need to undergo an age and student status verification process. After entering their information into ScholarTrip’s system and creating a user profile, the system will automatically supply the information whenever it is needed again, making the flight booking process more convenient.

ScholarTrip says that the youth travel discount being applicable even to people who are currently not studying gives them the opportunity to explore the world, opening their eyes to different environments and cultures. The company believes that travel can help erase prejudices, spark passion, and imparts important knowledge that isn’t taught in the classroom. Travel also helps inspire people, giving them ideas about future study, work, or business endeavors that can have a positive impact on society.

Kevin Chou, ScholarTrip’s co-founder, says that the company is planning to add a hotel component to its business, allowing travelers to book their accommodations through the platform. It is also looking to enter the guided tours space, making it a one-stop-shop for the youth travel market, whether for study or leisure. It is also continuously enhancing its user interface to make sure booking flights is as convenient as possible.

ScholarTrip aims to become a trusted partner to young travelers, retaining their business even after they age up and are no longer eligible for the youth airfare discount, providing travel agency services for customers of all ages.

Chou says: “Travel is a rewarding and highly educational experience for people of all ages. We don’t want to be restricted to only the student or youth space, which is why we’re continuously expanding our range of services. But, of course, we want people to start traveling while they are young, because the valuable lessons learned will have an impact for most of their lives. ScholarTrip is here to provide excellent and cost-effective service to all our customers, as they explore the world and take in life-changing experiences.”

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