Samsung to integrate ChatGPT via its internet browser portal- Check details


Samsung may soon integrate ChatGPT into its default Samsung internet app, as per reports. The tech giant has meant to incorporate AI into its system for a long time. Earlier, it was also been known that the South Korean-based company was thinking of using Microsoft Bing instead of Google Search for its advanced features.

The latest Samsung Internet app version, the code suggests that the company is considering the incorporation of ChatGPT into its internet browser. Although, the code could also mean that Samsung is just experimenting with it for enhancement.

However, if the integration does happen, it would become convenient for individuals to use ChatGPT without switching to the website. The code also reflects upon the ChatGPT settings and the accessibility to use different ChatGPT models.


As of now, it hasn’t been known what could this integration bring except for navigating through the official website. And how it would be different to use the AI from its website version. One of the assumptions is that users will be able to generate content on the established web pages, which could turn out beneficial.

Also, the ChatGPT integration within the Samsung Internet browser app hasn’t been live. There exist some third-party plugins that provide users with the access to function of the software but it’s not corporational to the first-party plugins.

Samsung Internet is a default app that comes with Samsung phones and tablets. Which is why it is also the most used server among Samsung gadget users.

It is still not revealed if the company is contemplating integrating AI into its devices, but it seems evident enough that the idea is being considered. The incorporation could be advantageous for the consumers as it would provide a better user interface. Also, the successful integration could offer AI-based perks within the Samsung browser app itself.