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Denver, June 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Denver, Colorado –

Sacred Mushroom Spores, an online store offering high-quality, lab-grade magic mushroom spore syringes for microscopy research purposes, is highlighting the latest research investigating psilocybin’s ability to rewire the brain and its potential use in healing treatment-resistant depression.

While it is one of the most well-known psychedelic and hallucinogenic compounds, psilocybin hasn’t been given commensurate consideration by the scientific community due to its potential for misuse and classification as a Schedule I drug. However, as many states in the country, as well as universities all over the world, have started making efforts to study its medicinal benefits, neuroscientists are breaching new ground in understanding its effects on neuroplasticity and treating depression.


A 2022 study by scientists from UC San Francisco and Imperial College London found that psilocybin can rewire the brain for up to three weeks. Two trials on participants considered to have treatment-resistant depression found reduced connections within brain areas that are tightly connected in depression including the default mode, salience, and executive networks.

Andrew Huberman, professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine, recently did a deep dive into the science behind how the psychedelic compound works, explaining its ability to trigger neuroplasticity. In his podcast, he summarizes the mechanism by saying, “Psilocybin’s main effect is to mimic serotonin. It does it in a very specific way because it activates a subset of serotonin receptors in a very strong fashion, leading to neuroplasticity at the level of the neural circuits that serve memory and perception.”

Though the observed therapeutic effects of psilocybin are encouraging, several variables dictate whether the changes triggered in the brain lead to a long-lasting positive impact on the patient’s life. Some of these include whether the participant’s eyes were open or closed during the psychedelic journey, whether music, and what kind of music, was played during the journey, the dosage, and the spacing between the doses.

Consequently, the authors of the study from UCSF and Imperial College London warned patients that they should not attempt to self-medicate with psilocybin. The study used regulated doses of laboratory-formulated psilocybin and patients were provided with extensive psychological support before, during, and after the dosage. Andrew Huberman also prefaces his podcast by saying, “Just because something changes neuroplasticity does not necessarily mean that it is therapeutic. For that, it has to be adaptive, allowing someone to function better in life than they were previously.”

Robin Lester Carhart-Harris, the Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London, and one of the authors of the aforementioned study, asserts that more research is required. The study also found that some patients relapse with their brains reverting to the same rigid patterns of activity representative of a depressive state.

A spokesperson for Sacred Mushroom Spores shares their perspective on what the future holds for psilocybin research by saying, “The caveats added by the researchers should not be considered discouraging. In fact, finding flaws in the current approach is a part of cogent scientific inquiry and will only lead to a more promising future for incorporating psilocybin in conventional psychiatric medications. We believe that we are at a turning point in how humanity tackles mental health conditions and we here at Sacred Mushroom Spores are more than excited to be on the frontlines of this sea change.”

Sacred Mushroom Spores provides the highest quality mushroom spore syringes on the market to mycologists on the cutting edge of microscopic research. The company boasts a specialist staff of thoroughly trained experts who adhere to rigorous standards to maintain a clean lab setting.

Customers can expect psilocybin spores of a purity that is second to none while also being available at affordable prices that facilitate extensive research. Sacred Mushroom Spores also urges buyers to verify that possession of spore syringes and their intended research is allowed under their state’s laws before making a purchase.

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