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According to Zion Market Research, the global greenhouse horticulture market size is projected to reach USD 54.14 billion by 2030 from its value of USD 31.58 billion in 2022, at a CAGR of 6.96% during the forecast period.

NEW YORK, United States, Oct. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zion Market Research has published a new research report titled “Greenhouse Horticulture Market By Crop Type (Nursery Crops, Flowers & Ornamentals, Fruits & Vegetables, And Others), By Technology (Cooling System, Heating System, And Others), By Material Type (Plastic And Glass), And By Region – Global And Regional Industry Overview, Market Intelligence, Comprehensive Analysis, Historical Data, And Forecasts 2023 – 2030 in its research database.

“According to the latest research study, the demand of global greenhouse horticulture market size & share was valued at approximately USD 31.58 billion in 2022. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.96% and is anticipated to reach USD 54.14 billion by 2030.”


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Greenhouse Horticulture Market Overview:

Greenhouse horticulture is also referred to as protected agriculture. It is a modern and sophisticated agricultural procedure involving the production of horticulture crops in a protected or sheltered environment. The majority of horticultural commodities include vegetables, fruits, plantation, aromatic, ornamental, and medicinal plants. The primary objective of protected cropping is to shield plants from detrimental growth environments, such as adverse weather, crop diseases, and pests. The concept is to cultivate crops in modified environments to increase crop yield quantity and quality.

Greenhouse horticulture permits the cultivation of plants in greenhouses, screen houses, shade houses, and crop top structures. These facilities typically consist of large elevated structures with a layer of transparent material on the top and enable only specific environmental conditions within the structure. This method created optimal microclimates for achieving the desired crop yield. Greenhouse horticulture is also associated with off-season crop cultivation, particularly for high-value food products in climate-challenged regions. The demand for protected agriculture is increasing steadily.

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Report Scope:

Report Attribute Report Details
Market Size in 2022 USD 31.58 Billion
Market Forecast in 2030 USD 54.14 Billion
Growth Rate CAGR of 6.96%
Base Year 2022
Forecast Years 2023- 2030
Key Companies Covered GreenTech Agro, Ammerlaan Construction, Priva, Ridder Group, Bayer Crop Science, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Harnois Greenhouses, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, HortiMaX, Syngenta, Vicinity Greenhouse Solutions, and others.
Segments Covered By Crop Type, By Technology, By Material Type, and By Region
Regions Covered North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East &, Africa
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Key Insights from Primary Research

  • The greenhouse horticulture market is projected to grow at a significant rate due to the growing impact of climate changes on crop yield
  • Based on crop type segmentation, fruits & vegetables was predicted to show maximum market share in the year 2022
  • Based on material type segmentation, plastic was the leading segment in 2022
  • On the basis of region, Europe region was the leading revenue generator in 2022

Greenhouse Horticulture Market: Growth Drivers

  • Growing impact of climate changes on crop yield to drive market growth

The global greenhouse horticulture market is anticipated to expand as a result of the increasing impact of significant environmental changes on crop yield. The primary contributors to global warming have been extensive consumption of fossil fuels, rampant industrialization, rising consumerism, and burgeoning urbanization. This has resulted in a shift in climate patterns as more instances of extreme precipitation, flooding, drought, ice thawing, and other adverse environmental events are recorded on a global scale.

Such significant changes have a direct impact on the agriculture sector in terms of both crop yield quantity and grain quality. In recent years, the global crop yield has decreased due to deteriorating soil quality and a limited supply of essential nutrients.

Greenhouse Horticulture Market: Restraints

  • High initial investment to construct greenhouses may restrict the market growth

Due to the high initial investment required to build a greenhouse, the expansion of the global greenhouse horticulture market is likely to be constrained. These structures are constructed specifically for the harvesting of the produce. Greenhouses are outfitted with suitable covering and temperature regulation systems to assure the harvest of high-quality plants. Professionally constructed greenhouses with sufficient facility installation can cost up to $11,000 on average. Although the cost of greenhouse horticulture for smaller quantities is not as high, the expense of upkeep ultimately necessitates additional investments over time.

Browse the full “Greenhouse Horticulture Market By Crop Type (Nursery Crops, Flowers & Ornamentals, Fruits & Vegetables, And Others), By Technology (Cooling System, Heating System, And Others), By Material Type (Plastic And Glass), And By Region – Global And Regional Industry Overview, Market Intelligence, Comprehensive Analysis, Emerging Trends, Demand, Historical Data, And Forecasts 2023 – 2030” Report at https://www.zionmarketresearch.com/report/greenhouse-horticulture-market

Greenhouse Horticulture Market: Segmentation

The global greenhouse horticulture market is segmented based on crop type, technology, material type, and region.

Based on crop type, the global market divisions are nursery crops, flowers & ornamentals, fruits & vegetables, and others. In 2022, the highest growth was observed in the fruits & vegetables segment since there has been a growing demand for high-value organic vegetables and fruits among end-consumers.

Based on technology, the greenhouse horticulture industry segments are cooling system, heating system, and others. Based on material type, the global market is divided into plastic and glass. The largest revenue was generated in the plastic segment due to the higher performance level of plastic material. The segment includes the application of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene as they are used to manufacture top coverings or other structures in greenhouses.

Regional Analysis:

  • Europe to witness the highest growth rate during the projected period

Europe will experience the highest development in the global greenhouse horticulture market due to the increasing demand for high-quality crops in European nations. In addition, the continent is experiencing significant environmental changes, which have a direct impact on crop yield and quality. Due to climate change, Europe’s temperature has risen by 2.30°C as of 2022, and it is presently considered the continent that is warming the quickest. This has increased the demand for greenhouse horticulture in order to satisfy regional food and vegetable demands. Furthermore, the absence of sufficient cultivable land has promoted a higher demand for wiser and more intensive agricultural practices. Protected cropping maximizes the use of available land by maximizing produce yields in restricted areas.

The extensive promotion of greenhouse cultivation in the United States and Canada is likely to propel North America’s economic expansion. These regions experience exceedingly low temperatures for a significant portion of the year, making the adoption of protected cropping the optimal method for meeting regional consumption patterns.

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Competitive Players:

The report contains qualitative and quantitative research on the global Greenhouse Horticulture market, as well as detailed insights and development strategies employed by the leading competitors.        

Some of the main players in the global Greenhouse Horticulture market include; 

  • GreenTech Agro
  • Ammerlaan Construction
  • Priva
  • Ridder Group
  • Bayer Crop Science
  • Hoogendoorn Growth Management
  • Harnois Greenhouses
  • Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects
  • HortiMaX
  • Syngenta
  • Vicinity Greenhouse Solutions

The global Greenhouse Horticulture market is segmented as follows:

By Crop Type

  • Nursery Crops
  • Flowers & Ornamentals
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Others

By Technology

  • Cooling System
  • Heating System
  • Others

By Material Type

  • Plastic
  • Glass

By Region

  • North America
    • The U.S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • France
    • The UK
    • Spain
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • Southeast Asia
    • Rest of Southeast Asia
  • The Middle East & Africa
    • GCC
    • South Africa
    • Rest of the Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Rest of Latin America

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  • What are the leading companies in the Greenhouse Horticulture Industry?
  • What segments does the Greenhouse Horticulture Market cover?
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Key Offerings:

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  • Important changes in market dynamics
  • Segmentation details of the market
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  • Assessment of niche industry developments
  • Market share analysis
  • Key strategies of major players
  • Emerging segments and regional markets
  • Testimonials to companies in order to fortify their foothold in the market

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