Remee Wire & Cable Announces An Expanded Line of Vigilance™ Access Control Cables


Remee’s Vigilance™ Access Control OSDP Cables

Remee provides a variety of access control cables to accommodate users of OSDP or Wiegand systems, or to migrate from Wiegand to OSDP. Composite cables are plenum, riser or OSP rated.
Remee provides a variety of access control cables to accommodate users of OSDP or Wiegand systems, or to migrate from Wiegand to OSDP. Composite cables are plenum, riser or OSP rated.

FLORIDA, N.Y., June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Remee Wire & Cable, a leading manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, announced the expansion of their Access Control cables with the addition of a series of new OSDP cables. These access control cables are now available as part of Remee’s larger line of Vigilance™ security cables.

OSDP Reader & OSDP Cable
OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) cables are used in access control systems to connect devices like card readers, keypads, and other access control peripherals to control panels or network devices. These cables are specifically designed to transmit data securely between the devices, typically using a multi-wire configuration to carry power, data, and control signals.

Only OSDP card reader cables provide secure channel encryption, smart card communication and biometric reader support. Secure Channel is the encryption and authentication scheme used by OSDP V2 compliant devices to protect communication between controllers and readers. Secure Channel creates a secure session by using various initialization messages, which performs mutual authentication and establishes a set of keys that are used in control panel to peripheral device communication. If controllers and readers do not establish a secure session, the communication link is an attack vector.1

Also, OSDP controllers drive display readers to provide messages to customers and support various readers to provide enhanced capabilities such as reader status, real-time tamper reporting, and biometric template validation.1

A two-conductor twisted pair cable with an overall shield is the minimum requirement for use with OSDP devices. Additional conductors are added to composite cable constructions for use with other access control functions, such as door locks, and to carry data, power, and control signals.

OSDP vs. Wiegand
OSDP cables are known for their reliability, security, and ability to support advanced features such as bi-directional communication, encryption, and tamper detection. They are often preferred over older technologies like Wiegand due to their improved security features and support for more advanced access control systems. To accommodate older and newer access control systems, Remee offers cable solutions for both OSDP and Wiegand.

If upgrading a Wiegand system to OSDP, it is possible to use the existing wiring, however, using simple stranded cable typical of Wiegand access control readers does not typically meet the TIA485/EIA-RS485 specification for twisted pair recommendations.1 If your building has both styles of access control systems, Remee provides a specific cable design (PN 725930) that allows you to migrate slowly from Wiegand to OSDP with a single cable pull.

OSDP Cable Applications
Overall, OSDP systems find application in various industries and environments where secure access control and communication are essential for maintaining safety and security. Some typical applications for OSDP systems include:

  • Access control systems
  • Biometric access control
  • Visitor management & tracking systems
  • Employee time and attendance tracking
  • Government & high-security facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Commercial offices, complexes, and campuses
  • Educational facilities
  • Transportation hubs

Remee’s Access Control Cable Solutions
Remee’s newly expanded line of Vigilance™ Composite Access Control Cables includes the following:

OSDP / RS-485 – 22/1pr Shielded + 18/2c Unshielded Combo – Plenum rated (PN 725937)
OSDP / RS-485 – 22/2pr Shielded Reader Combo – Plenum rated (PN 725953)
OSDP or Wiegand Combo – Plenum rated (PN 725930)
OSDP Card Reader Only – Plenum rated (PN 725936)
Wiegand – Plenum rated (PN 725901)
Wiegand – Riser rated (PN R00907)
Wiegand – Wet Location – OSP & Riser rated (PN R00907WBT)
Wiegand – All Shielded – Plenum rated (PN 725914)

Outdoor versions are also available; minimum order quantities will apply.

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  1. Understanding OSDP Implementations, A HID/Mercury FAQ, PLT-04025, Rev A.0, October 2018.

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