Rank Really High Unveils Cutting-Edge Joint E-Commerce Platform for Cannabis Dispensaries


Scalable, Flexible Direct-to-POS Digital Marketing Solution to Transform Dispensary E-Commerce Operations

BOSTON, July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rank Really High, a pioneering force in e-commerce, specializing in cutting-edge website development and digital marketing tailored exclusively to the cannabis industry’s growing ecosystem, announced the launch of its groundbreaking Joint E-Commerce Platform. This state-of-the-art direct-to-POS (Point of Sales) digital marketing platform is specifically designed for cannabis dispensaries, offering seamless integration with popular POS systems and e-commerce platforms such as Alleaves, Cova, Dutchie, Flourish, Flowhub, Indica Online, Jane, Meadow, Posabits, Treez and more.

“Joint E-Commerce provides cannabis dispensaries with an effective, adaptable e-commerce platform that integrates directly with their website allowing them to benefit from increased SEO, better analytical tracking and a suite of digital marketing features,” said Rank Really High CEO Dan Mondello. “It ensures that websites remain functional and supportive of operations, even as other systems, such as POS or loyalty solutions, change. This stability and flexibility are crucial for retailers’ growth and long-term success. Early adopters of this technology will gain significant advantages in terms of market positioning and operational efficiency.”


Joint E-Commerce allows for seamless integration and scaling, accommodating different POS systems and business growth needs. The platform also opens up integrations to a variety of partners, creating an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and innovation within the industry. Its core features include:

Flexibility and Scalability: Joint E-Commerce is the most scalable direct-to-POS (Point of Sale) digital marketing solution ever offered to dispensaries. Unlike traditional methods relying on iFrames, subdomains and reverse proxy solutions, this platform enables clients to build robust, seamless e-commerce experiences that live natively on their websites. This means inventory, specials and deals can be added and promoted on any page, including the homepage, landing pages and blogs.

The platform’s scalability is especially beneficial for dispensaries acquiring new businesses. Joint E-Commerce eliminates delays associated with launching new branding or switching tech stacks, allowing instant integration of new businesses into existing sites and providing immediate results.

Core Features and Differentiators: Joint E-Commerce stands out by supporting e-commerce directly from the dispensary’s POS, offering unparalleled SEO, tracking and customization benefits. In an industry largely reliant on iFrames, subdomains and reverse proxy solutions, Joint E-Commerce customers will see immediate improvements in conversion rates, marketing efficiency, better tracking and more customization options.

Support for Various Business Models: Joint E-Commerce is purpose-built for dispensaries of all sizes and budgets, with features specifically tailored to assist with M&A growth. The platform also caters to cannabis brands, supporting native display advertising that allows brands to purchase real estate on dispensary websites across the network.

Integration with a Variety of Partners: Rank Really High’s Integration Marketplace allows its customers to easily integrate and activate with trusted partners and platforms such as Alpine IQ, Apex Trading, Aeropay, Cann studio, Flourish, Flowhub, Google Advertising, Looker Studio, Metric, Microsoft advertising, Moodi Day, Herbalist among others. This approach fosters collaboration and growth for other entrepreneurs and innovators in the industry.

Operational Stability and Support: Rank Really High ensures there are no major barriers to working with its solutions. The platform is custom-tailored to integrate seamlessly, avoiding disruptions to dispensary standard operating procedures (SOPs) or workflows. Additionally, the company is continuously improving its systems and connectivity with other integrators, all for the benefit of dispensary customers.

Addressing Common Challenges: Addressing common challenges such as cumbersome age verification processes and inadequate product information, Rank Really High sets itself apart by providing a streamlined and user-friendly e-commerce experience comparable to major online retailers like Amazon and Target.

In 2023, the company achieved remarkable success, generating $225 million in gross online sales, with an average of $30 million in e-commerce sales per month. Rank Really High experienced a 113% year-over-year growth in online sales, along with a 48% improvement in overall sales performance. Additionally, the company saw a significant 51% increase in organic traffic and maintained an impressive 20% conversion rate, well above the industry average of 2-5%.

About Rank Really High
Rank Really High is a pioneering force in e-commerce, specializing in cutting-edge website development and digital marketing tailored exclusively to the growing cannabis ecosystem. We empower cannabis retailers, distributors, and growers with cost-effective strategies that drive customer expansion and revenue growth. Our commitment to innovation is showcased through a spectrum of customized solutions, including native e-commerce websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and strategies, Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC), Google My Business Optimization (GMB), analytics and reporting, support and training, and omni-channel digital marketing strategies. At the heart of Rank Really High is a core mission: to empower cannabis retailers with innovative e-commerce solutions that exceed expectations, elevating the online shopping experience to rival that of major retail giants such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. We provide dynamic, engaging websites that prioritize sales and reduce friction for customers. For more information, visit: https://www.rankreallyhigh.com/.

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