Qubit Pharmaceuticals honored to announce the arrival of renowned researcher Dr. Alberto Peruzzo as R&D Lead in Quantum Computing


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Qubit Pharmaceuticals honored to announce the arrival of renowned researcher Dr. Alberto Peruzzo as R&D Lead in Quantum Computing


Paris (France), November 7, 2023 – Qubit Pharmaceuticals, a deeptech company specializing in drug discovery through simulation and molecular modeling accelerated by hybrid HPC and quantum computing, announces the arrival of Dr Alberto Peruzzo as Quantum Computing R&D Lead. Alberto Peruzzo, 45, is a renowned researcher with a prestigious career in both academia and industry.

Dr. Peruzzo, an accomplished researcher with a PhD from the University of Bristol, boasts a prestigious career that spans both academia and industry. His remarkable journey began with a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Padova, where he earned a rare 110/110 cum laude distinction for his Master’s thesis.

After working in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, Dr. Peruzzo ventured into the world of academia, ultimately receiving the Faculty of Science Commendation of Excellence for his pioneering doctoral work on Integrated Quantum Photonics at the University of Bristol. He was later awarded a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship to contribute to the future of quantum computing.

His impressive research portfolio includes breakthroughs such as machine learning techniques to enhance quantum tomography, multi-particle quantum walks in integrated photonics, and the development of quantum photonic chips capable of generating various states of entanglement. One of his most significant contributions to the advancement of quantum algorithms dates back to 2013 when he co-authored the original proposal of  the Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE) which laid the foundation for the development of quantum computing solutions, with far-reaching applications in areas such as quantum chemistry and drug discovery. 

Dr. Peruzzo’s accolades, including a Google Faculty Research Award, a Gold medal at the “Humies” Awards, and a Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellowship and Associate Professorship position at RMIT University, underscore his significant contributions to the field of quantum technology.

With Dr. Peruzzo on board, Qubit Pharmaceuticals is poised to leverage quantum computing to drive innovation in the pharmaceutical sector. His visionary work promises to revolutionize drug discovery and development.

Robert Marino, CEO, comments: “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Alberto Peruzzo to our team. His significant contributions to quantum computing have already set the stage for success. With him on board, we are confident that we will achieve quantum advantage in drug discovery, accelerating the development of better treatments for any target and every patient.”

Jean-Philip Piquemal, CSO, comments: “Alberto Peruzzo stands out as one of the most brilliant minds in Quantum Computing today. Having tracked his career for years, I’m absolutely thrilled that he has chosen to join us. His expertise, research, and wealth of knowledge will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in propelling our mission forward – unlocking the immense potential of quantum-aided drug design.”

Alberto Peruzzo, Team Leader in Quantum Computing, comments: “I’ve been observing the change in Quantum Computing research from academia to industry, and it’s been a fascinating shift. Opting to join Qubit Pharmaceuticals was a straightforward decision, as their mission to expedite the discovery of new small molecule drugs closely aligns with the potential impact of my quantum computing research. Moreover, Qubit Pharmaceuticals is part of the dynamic quantum computing ecosystem, and being part of this exciting network of new companies is a tremendous opportunity. The company’s commitment to fostering collaboration between the private sector and academia offers the perfect blend of opportunities, making it the ideal place for me to be.”

Alberto Peruzzo, Quantum Computing R&D Lead at Qubit Pharmaceuticals

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Qubit Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2020 with the vision of co-developing, with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, new, more effective and safer drugs. A spin-off from the research work of five internationally renowned scientists – Louis Lagardère (Sorbonne University and CNRS), Matthieu Montes (CNAM), Jean-Philip Piquemal (Sorbonne University and CNRS), Jay Ponder (Washington University in St Louis), Pengyu Ren (University of Texas at Austin) – Qubit Pharmaceuticals leverages its Atlas platform to discover new drugs through simulation and molecular modeling accelerated by hybrid HPC and quantum computing. The multidisciplinary team, led by CEO Robert Marino, and the founders are based in France at the Paris Santé Cochin incubator and in the USA in Boston.
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