Qualigen Therapeutics Presents Data On QN-247 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL


Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc.

Tumor Volume (mm3)
Tumor Volume (mm3)

In Vivo Efficacy Study Demonstrates QN-247 as Potential Therapeutic Approach in Rare Breast Cancer Type

CARLSBAD, Calif., April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc. (“Qualigen” or “the Company,” Nasdaq: QLGN), a diversified life sciences company focused on developing treatments for adult and pediatric cancers with potential for Orphan Drug Designation, while also commercializing diagnostics, today announces data from the Company’s poster presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023 held April 14-19 in Orlando, FL. The Company presented in vivo efficacy data regarding its QN-247 program, for which it is actively seeking partners.

“These encouraging data demonstrate QN-247 may be an effective nano-immunotherapy against triple negative breast cancer. They are an important validation for our development approach, and we believe they will be meaningful as we actively seek opportunities around this compound,” said Michael Poirier, Qualigen’s Chairman and CEO.

Highlights from QN-247 Poster:

Abstract #2708

Nano-immunotherapy: Efficacy of nanoconjugate QN-247 in a Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) mouse model”

Tariq Arshad, Stephen Fait, Guy Gammon, Andrew Hertig, Mark J. Sarno

Study authors had prepared QN-247 conjugates that build upon the legacy of the anti-proliferative DNA aptamer AS1411. The process developed to produce QN-247 conjugates results in colloidally stable material that is manufacturable and scalable. QN-247 is active in vitro against a variety of cancers including prostate cancer and Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), and more potent than the anti-proliferative aptamer AS1411 itself. In addition, QN-247 is effective in vivo against a xenograft mouse TNBC model showing highly significant reductions in tumor volumes with no evidence of toxicity.

About QN-247

QN-247 is a nucleolin-targeted oligonucleotide conjugate with potential indications against nucleolin expressing malignancies such TNBC, Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), Glioblastoma (GBM) and others. The company is currently seeking partners to advance QN-247 program in TNBC and other malignancies.

About Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc.

Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc. is a diversified life sciences company focused on developing treatments for adult and pediatric cancer, while also commercializing diagnostics. Our investigational QN-302 compound is a small molecule selective transcription inhibitor with strong binding affinity to G4s prevalent in cancer cells; such binding could, by stabilizing the G4s against “unwinding,” help inhibit cancer cell proliferation. The investigational compounds within Qualigen’s family of RAS oncogene protein-protein interaction inhibitor small molecules are believed to inhibit or block the binding of mutated RAS genes’ proteins to their effector proteins, thereby leaving the proteins from the mutated RAS unable to cause further harm. In theory, such mechanism of action may be effective in the treatment of about one quarter of all cancers, including certain forms of pancreatic, colorectal, and lung cancers. Our investigational QN-247 compound inhibits nucleolin, a key multi-functional regulatory protein that is overexpressed in cancer cells; QN-247 may thereby be able to inhibit the cells’ proliferation. QN-247 has shown promise in preclinical studies for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). In addition to its oncology drug pipeline, Qualigen has an established diagnostics business which manufactures and distributes proprietary and highly accurate rapid blood testing systems to physician offices and small hospitals for the management of prostate cancer and other diseases and health conditions.

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