Quaestor Advisors India Private Limited Is Now Largest Global Office of Arena Investors and Affiliated Companies


BENGALURU, India, June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quaestor Advisors India Private Limited (“Quaestor India“), related to Quaestor Advisors, LLC (“Quaestor” or “Quaestor Advisors“), which provides asset management, analytics, compliance, operational, financial, IT, and marketing functions for its affiliate Arena Investors, LP (“Arena“), announces that it has become the firm’s largest global office. As a global entity across all companies, the firm currently has over 150 employees and consultants located in 7 offices worldwide.

Arena is a global investment manager that provides creative solutions for those seeking capital in special situations. The leadership team has an average of 20+ years of experience. Since its inception in 2015, Arena has deployed over US$4.5 billion into over 350 privately negotiated investments. Arena has a long history of operating on-the-ground in the Asia-Pacific region, including its principals having operated in India for over 20 years. The firm brings decades of experience, a track record of comfort with complexity, the ability to deliver within time constraints, and the flexibility to engage in transactions that cannot be addressed by banks and other conventional financial institutions.

Quaestor Advisors provides risk-reducing and return-enhancing asset servicing including upfront diligence support, surveillance, operational, finance, and workout capabilities. In addition, Quaestor India handles functions across analytics, compliance, IT, and marketing support.  Quaestor is an expert in the servicing and support functions for a wide array of asset types including corporate private investments, real estate private investments, structured finance & assets, and corporate securities.


Quaestor India has assembled a team of 41 current employees in its Bengaluru office located in the Garuda Bhive Workspace. These hires make Bengaluru the largest of all of the global offices of Arena and its affiliates, which include locations in New York (New York, United States), Purchase (New York, United States), Jacksonville (Florida, United States), London (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland), and Singapore.

Ruchi Nema serves as Director of India Operations, who is a Chartered Accountant, and brings 24 years of experience. She notes that “Quaestor India offers a very compelling value proposition for employees. Quaestor India’s team is tightly integrated into Quaestor’s global operations, with the Bengaluru employees responsible for important and challenging deliverables. The firm’s senior leadership is committed to training and development and offers salaries that are highly competitive with other large-scale global companies operating in the region.”

Arena Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer Daniel Zwirn added, “Having formed one of the largest consumer lending companies that applies advanced data science and machine learning, with over 500 employees in Chennai and Hyderabad and which was formed in 2014, we know what it takes to build and manage a successful team, and we are very fortunate to now have a highly dedicated and skilled team in Bengaluru. Our Quaestor team is integral in our global operations, and we look forward to continued success.”

Quaestor India continues to grow its team, with 15 current job openings.  To see available opportunities, please visit apply.workable.com/arena-investors-lp or contact Priyanka Thakur at [email protected].

About Quaestor Advisors India Private Limited:

Quaestor Advisors India Private Limited is headquartered in Bengaluru, India and is an affiliate of Arena Investors, LP and Quaestor Advisors, LLC. As an affiliated entity of Arena Investors LP, Quaestor India provides analytics, compliance, operational, financial, IT, and marketing support functions for Arena. See quaestoradvisors.com for more information.

About Arena Investors, LP:

Arena Investors, LP is an institutional asset manager founded in partnership with The Westaim Corporation (TSXV: WED). With approximately $3.5 billion of invested and committed assets under management as of December 1, 2022, and a team of over 150 employees and consultants in offices globally, Arena provides creative solutions for those seeking capital in special situations. The firm has individuals with decades of experience, a track record of comfort with complexity, the ability to deliver within time constraints, and the flexibility to engage in transactions that cannot be addressed by banks and other conventional financial institutions. See www.arenaco.com for more information.

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Investments in Arena vehicles are speculative in nature and involve risk. There can be no assurance that investment objectives will be achieved, and investment results may vary substan­tially over time. These investments are not intended to be a complete investment program for any investor. There is no secondary market for an investor’s interest in Arena funds and none is expected to develop. Arena’s funds are not registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and accordingly are not extensively regulated. Opportunities for the redemption and transferability of interests are restricted, so investors may not have access to capital when it is needed. Leverage may be employed in the funds, which can make investment performance volatile. The valuation of the investments may involve uncertainties and the exercise of judgment. An investor should not make an investment unless the investor is prepared to lose all or a substantial portion of its investment. The fees and expenses charged in connection with investments may be higher than the fees and expenses of other investment alternatives and may offset profits, and the performance-based compensation paid to Arena may create an incentive for Arena to make more speculative investments than would otherwise be the case. Arena has total authority and control over its funds, and the use of a single advisor applying generally similar investment programs could mean a lack of diversification and, consequently, higher risk. For a comprehensive list of risk factors, an investor must review the risk factors as specified in the related confidential information memorandum for a specific fund or investment management agreement, which will be made available upon request.

The information provided herein should not be considered a recommendation regarding a particular investment. The actual and potential investments discussed herein are meant to be examples of Arena’s investment approach. It should not be assumed that any of the investments discussed herein will prove to be profitable, or that the investment recommendations or de­cisions made by Arena in the future will be profitable. A full list of all privately negotiated investments across Corporate Private Investments, Real Estate Private Investments, Structured Finance, European Private Investments, Asia-Pacific Private Investments, Corporate Securities is provided in the appendix to this document. The particular investments discussed herein are those that most closely represent the current average-sized Arena investments in a particular category (Corporate Private Investments, Real Estate Private Investments, Structured Finance, European Private Investments, Asia-Pacific Private Investments, Corporate Securities).

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Gross underwritten IRRs represent the internal rate of return prior to or at the time of making the initial investment as reflected in and supported by loan agreements, including, but not limited to, note purchase agreements and origination agreements. The gross underwritten IRR is one of many metrics considered by Arena prior to investment and is not typically updated after the initial funding date. The gross underwritten IRR may be presented as a single percentage or a range. Such gross IRRs are estimated and do not take into account any entity-level management fees, incentive allocation, and/or any other associated fees, all of which may significantly reduce the net return received attributable to any investment. These gross under­written IRRs are not a proxy for investment performance for any strategy or fund; investment performance may be provided upon request. The gross underwritten IRRs disclosed herein are being presented for the purpose of providing insight into the investment objectives of Arena, detailing anticipated risk and reward characteristics in order to facilitate comparisons with other investments and establish a benchmark for future evaluation of Arena’s strategy. The IRRs are also being presented because financially sophisticated investors may find this information useful in determining where Arena’s strategies may fit within their investment portfolios. The IRRs included in this presentation are not intended, and must not be regarded, as a representation, warranty, or prediction that any Arena vehicles will achieve any particular return with respect to any particular investment opportunity or for a particular time pe­riod, or that Arena and its investors will not incur losses. In evaluating these IRRs, it should be noted that (a) there can be no assurance that Arena will be able to source and consummate investments of the type it is seeking to make, and (b) the assumptions underlying the IRRs may not prove to be accurate or materialize. There can be no assurance that the objective of the investment shown can be met or that substantial losses will be avoided.

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Market indices used:

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch High Yield Master II Index tracks the performance of below-investment-grade USD denominated corporate bonds publicly issued in the US domestic market.

The MSCI World Index is an equity index that seeks to capture global equity exposure by covering 85% of the free float on a market capitalization-weighted basis across 23 developed market countries, which includes 1,650 constituent publicly traded companies.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Stock Index (the “S&P 500 Index”) is a total return—including the reinvestment of dividends—market-cap weighted stock index of the 500 largest com­panies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

The Standard & Poor’s LSTA Leveraged Loan 100 Index is a capitalization-weighted syndicated loan index that seeks to mirror the performance of the 100 largest syndicated loans in the levered loan market. Leveraged loans are senior secured debt obligations rated below investment grade.

The index information provided is for illustrative purposes only. The Fund’s strategy does not track an index, and its performance can differ significantly from that on the indexes provided.

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