Premier vacation rental Bretton Woods Vacations unleashes its community-driven initiative, the Good Neighbor Fund


Bretton Woods Vacations unveils Good Neighbor Fund, its community-driven initiative aiming to give back to the communities that make vacationing in New Hampshire possible, enjoyable, and secure.

Carroll, New Hampshire, Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bretton Woods Vacations, a premier vacation rental and property management business in the North White Mountains of New Hampshire, has launched Good Neighbor Fund, the rental company’s holistic initiative to give back to the communities surrounding them by providing renters an opportunity to send voluntary, non-tax deductible donations to the people that make their vacations viable, delightful, and safe.

The premier vacation rental’s foundation centers on social responsibility, a principle often overlooked in a competitive industry primarily focusing on gains. Bretton Woods Vacations, as a family business, recognizes that what they do is beyond profits, as they touch the lives of not only the individuals visiting and the company’s employees but also the communities surrounding them.


Essentially, Bretton Woods Vacations ensures that the owners of the homes they rent to accommodate visitors are taken care of at all times. They also make sure to provide their guests who put their ardent trust in Bretton Woods Vacations everything they need for a safe, relaxing, and comfortable stay. Last but not least, they give back to the communities that make this happen by making the process least disruptive as possible.

The team behind Bretton Woods Vacations showcases their commitment to employing a human-centric approach to their thriving business by unveiling the Good Neighbor Fund, a community-driven initiative that started as a response to the changing taxation laws in the area that benefit the people less and less. Bretton Woods Vacations found an opportunity to reach out to individuals willing to donate and directly dispense all proceeds to surrounding communities.

Contrary to the popular belief that most visitors are perceived as nuisances, many of them are respectful and animated guests who are more than happy to send their gratitude to the neighborhood through monetary means. Bretton Woods Vacations is thrilled to share that the Good Neighbor Fund has helped the local police department purchase new equipment that will further ensure the local community as well as the visitors’ safety. The community-driven initiative has also sponsored the 250th-anniversary celebration of Twin Mountain and enabled Whitefield Elementary School to obtain a new playground, spreading joy to the children that symbolize hope for the future. The Good Neighbor Fund also supports the local theater, providing opportunities for children to engage in theatrical plays that contribute to their development.

“We plan to continue doing what we do. We’re not aggressive in our growth. The growth just happens organically. Still, we are constantly looking for new technology that would help more people. The ultimate goal is to make the whole process as simple and painless as possible for everyone involved and help people create beautiful memories,” Alex Foti, president of Bretton Woods Vacations, answered when asked about the future of the Good Neighbor Fund.

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