PlayMining GameFi Platform Partners with Gaming Blockchain Oasys to Deploy Layer 2 Chain


PlayMining and Oasys announce a partnership to deploy the ‘DEP Verse’ (tentative name) Layer 2 blockchain on Oasys’ Layer 1 hub and collaborate on ecosystem expansion activities.

PlayMining GameFi Platform Partners with Gaming Blockchain Oasys to Deploy Layer 2 Chain

PlayMining and OASYS partner to deploy ‘DEP Verse’ (tentative name) a Layer 2 blockchain on Oasys’ Layer 1 hub.
PlayMining and OASYS partner to deploy ‘DEP Verse’ (tentative name) a Layer 2 blockchain on Oasys’ Layer 1 hub.

SINGAPORE, June 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based global blockchain entertainment company and owner of the popular PlayMining GameFi platform, has announced a partnership with Oasys, a blockchain gaming platform from Japan.


The partnership will see DEA build and deploy a new Layer 2 blockchain tentatively named ‘DEP Verse’ on the Oasys Layer 1 blockchain hub. DEA and Oasys will also collaborate in a number of ways to deploy games on DEP Verse with the aim of solving social problems. Other key collaborative goals include expanding the Oasys ecosystem together and working toward mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming.

“Our vision for PlayMining has always been to use Web technology to change video games into a powerful tool that can benefit society in many ways,” said DEA co-founder and co-CEO Kozo Yamada. “We believe that games can help support environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainable development goals (SDG). Our partnership with Oasys is another important step toward spreading ‘GameFi-for-Good’ throughout the world.”

Key initiatives that DEA and Oasys will collaborate on include joint consideration of new game titles on the Oasys platform and joint marketing and PR efforts aimed at making blockchain games appealing to a mainstream player base. The PlayMining team will also provide consulting and support for other projects looking to launch games on Oasys. DEA brings a wealth of expertise to the partnership, having already run its own blockchain and GameFi platform with over 2.7 million users for more than three years.

Oasys is a game-specialized blockchain that offers layer 1 ‘hub’ technology as well as a layer 2 ‘verse’ platform for developers to build dApps on. It features an environmentally friendly Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and no transaction fees. Among initial validators on the blockchain are a number of major game companies including SEGA, Bandai Namco Research Institute, Square Enix, Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab, Netmarble, Neowiz and Nexon, as well as other giants such as Yield Guild Games and SoftBank.

“The ‘Web3 x Social Good’ aim of DEP Verse (tentative name) expands the possibilities of gaming, and we look forward to DEA’s initiatives and the content that will be deployed on DEP Verse in the future,” said Oasys Director Daiki Moriyama. “As a Japanese blockchain gaming project, we look forward to being able to energize the industry from Japan.”

Further details about DEP Verse and DEA’s partnership with Oasys will be announced today at a special event hosted by Oasys at Nijo Castle in Kyoto.

Expanding a Wide GameFi Platform Even Further

DEA already operates many projects in the GameFi industry. Most notable is its PlayMining GameFi platform, which currently includes six Play-and-Earn (P&E) games in which players can earn DEAPcoin ($DEP) through play, as well as one collaborative metaverse project.

The PlayMining platform also includes two NFT marketplaces in which artists can earn royalties and users can spend DEAPcoin. The marketplaces offer both collectible art NFTs and utility NFTs for use in PlayMining games. DEAPcoin—which was Japan’s first officially recognized P&E token—can also be traded on popular exchanges including OKX, Uniswap,, Bitmart and Bitrue.

DEA is exploring other innovations on PlayMining, too. They are championing GameFi-for-Good by creating avenues for P&E earnings to help support those in need, such as single mothers, disabled people and impoverished farming communities. They are also expanding the P&E and NFT paradigms by making them more accessible to the advertising industry, including product placement NFTs and user token rewards for advertorial market surveys.

DEA also uses PlayMining to help support other indie game studios, by offering a platform on which they can launch their games and monetize their intellectual property (IPs) through NFT sales. DEA seeks to expand their third-party support through their partnership with Oasys to help more companies launch great P&E games.

“The only way that blockchain games can achieve mainstream adoption is by growing the ecosystem to a respectable size,” Yamada said. “P&E gaming provides significant social value when compared to traditional video games, and this will only expand as the industry matures. We believe that as P&E games attract more and more non-gamers, this could be the catalyst that finally leads to the public fully embracing blockchain tech.”

About Digital Entertainment Asset
Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) is a Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company founded in August 2018. DEA is a developer of Play to Earn (P2E) games, also referred to as Play and Earn (P&E) games. DEA operates the PlayMining gaming platform, NFT marketplace and Verse metaverse project and DEAPcoin ($DEP), the first P&E token approved by the Financial Service Agency of Japan. The team is headed by two co-CEOs — Naohito Yoshida and Kozo Yamada — who together bring decades of experience in founding successful startups (with 3 IPOs), creating hit video games, producing Web TV programs and displaying a deep understanding of game finance.

About PlayMining
PlayMining is a GameFi platform with a total of six P&E game titles. Everyone can easily participate and earn DEAPcoin (DEP) cryptocurrency through games, regardless of their knowledge of Web3. The platform currently boasts approximately 2.7 million members worldwide, and continues to expand its content and user base based on the concept of “creating a social ecosystem that enables individuals to enjoy their lives while experiencing joy and fulfillment”.

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About Oasys
Oasys is a blockchain project specialized for games. The initial validators (chain operators) are a group of 25 major companies including both Web3 and traditional gaming. Its consensus algorithm adopts the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus method, which is known to be environmentally friendly. By realizing free transaction fees and accelerated transaction processing through its own Oasys architecture, Oasys provides a comfortable gameplay environment for blockchain game users.

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