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As per SNS Insider’s research, the photo booth kiosk market is experiencing significant growth, driven by a variety of factors that cater to evolving consumer preferences, technological advancements, and business opportunities.

Pune, Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The SNS Insider report indicates that the Photo Booth Kiosk Market reached a value of USD 7,472.5 million in 2022, and it is projected to reach USD 15,786.45 million by 2030, experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2030.

Market Overview


A photo booth kiosk is a modern and interactive self-service station designed for capturing fun and memorable moments through photography. Unlike traditional photo booths, photo booth kiosks are typically more compact, versatile, and technologically advanced. These kiosks have gained popularity in various settings, including parties, events, retail spaces, and entertainment venues, due to their user-friendly nature and ability to create instant keepsakes. Companies and event organizers can brand the kiosk itself and the photos with logos, slogans, or event-specific graphics. This provides an opportunity for marketing and promotion.

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Market Analysis

Consumers are seeking unique and personalized experiences. Photo booth kiosks now offer various customization options, such as themed backgrounds, filters, and digital props, allowing users to tailor their photos to their preferences. This trend boosts user engagement and the overall appeal of photo booth kiosk market. Photo booth kiosks have become a staple at events like weddings, parties, corporate gatherings, and trade shows. Event organizers recognize the value of these kiosks in keeping attendees entertained and engaged. As the events industry continues to grow, so does the demand for photo booth kiosks. Businesses are increasingly using photo booth kiosks as a marketing tool. They can be branded with company logos and themes, serving as an interactive and memorable way to promote products or services. This marketing potential is driving the adoption of photo booth kiosks in retail stores, malls, and marketing events.

Photo Booth Kiosk Market Overview & Scope:

Report Attributes Details
Market Size in 2022 USD 7472.5 million
Market Size by 2030 USD 15786.45 million
CAGR CAGR of 9.8% From 2023-2030
Key Segments By Type (Mini Photo Kiosk, Photo Kiosk Stand)

By Application (Drug Stores, Grocery and Convenience Stores, Electronic and Phone Stores, Others)

Key Market Players Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak-US), Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. (Japan), Olea Kiosks Inc. (US), Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (Japan), HiTi Digital Inc. (Taiwan), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan), Photo-Me International plc (UK), Photobooth Supply Co. (US), Toshiba Corporation (Japan), Dakis Decision Systems Inc. (Canada), PhotoBooth Vending (UK), Global Display Solutions Spa (Italy), \TapSnap (Canada), KIOSK Information Systems (US) and other players
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Key Takeaway from Photo Booth Kiosk Market Study

  • In recent years, the mini photo kiosk segment has witnessed a significant surge in popularity, revolutionizing the way people capture and print their cherished memories. The segment allows for a high degree of customization. Users can select from a range of print sizes, formats, and even add filters or text to their photos. This personalization adds an extra layer of appeal, making it ideal for events like birthdays, weddings, and holidays.
  • In the evolving landscape of the market, grocery and convenience stores have emerged as key players, poised to dominate this segment. Grocery and convenience stores witness consistent foot traffic throughout the day. This constant flow of customers provides a steady stream of potential photo booth users. People visiting these stores often seek quick and convenient solutions for their photo printing needs.

Recent Developments

  • Baltimore-based tech companies have joined forces with the Ravens to create an exciting and innovative addition to M&T Bank Stadium – an Augmented Reality (AR) photobooth that promises to enhance the game-day experience for fans in a whole new way. This cutting-edge AR photobooth, designed to seamlessly blend digital technology with the thrill of live football.
  • OutSnapped, a cutting-edge technology company, has just unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of photography and artificial intelligence – the AI Photo Booth for Avatars and More. By simply stepping into the booth and striking a pose, the advanced AI algorithms analyze facial features, expressions, and even clothing styles to generate lifelike avatars that can be used in gaming, virtual meetings, or as profile pictures on social media.

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Market Dynamics Analysis

The photo booth kiosk market dynamics are characterized by a blend of drivers, restraints, challenges, and threats that collectively shape its trajectory. Firstly, the growing trend of experiential marketing and the increasing demand for interactive and personalized experiences at events, weddings, and corporate gatherings serve as significant drivers for the market. Moreover, the integration of advanced technology such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in photo booths has expanded their appeal, driving further growth. However, there are notable restraints, including the high initial investment and maintenance costs associated with modern photo booth kiosks, which can deter potential buyers. Additionally, as the market becomes more saturated, competition intensifies, creating pricing pressures for vendors. Challenges within the market encompass the need for continuous innovation to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, as consumer preferences change and demand for unique features grows.

Key Regional Developments

North America often leads in adopting the latest technological innovations, and this applies to the photo booth kiosk market as well. The demand for interactive, feature-rich kiosks with social media integration and instant photo sharing has been driving growth. Europe’s tourism industry drives demand for photo booths at tourist attractions, airports, and hotels. Tourists often seek memorable souvenirs, making photo booth kiosks a valuable addition. As urban areas grow, so does the demand for entertainment and event services. Photo booth kiosks are becoming popular additions to shopping malls, entertainment complexes, and urban event spaces. The wedding industry in countries like India and China is enormous, and photo booths are increasingly incorporated into wedding ceremonies, contributing to market growth.

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Impact of Recession

The impact of an ongoing recession on the photo booth kiosk market is multifaceted. While there may be challenges such as reduced consumer spending and increased competition, opportunities also exist for those who can adapt, innovate, and cater to evolving customer needs. Providers in this industry must carefully assess market dynamics, customer preferences, and economic conditions to navigate successfully through a recession. To weather the recession, some businesses in this industry may choose to focus on specific niche markets where demand remains steady or even increases, such as event planners looking for unique entertainment options.


1. Introduction
1.1 Market Definition 
1.2 Scope
1.3 Research Assumptions

2. Research Methodology

3. Market Dynamics
3.1 Drivers
3.2 Restraints
3.3 Opportunities
3.4 Challenges 

4. Impact Analysis
4.1 Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War
4.2 Impact of Ongoing Recession
4.2.1 Introduction
4.2.2 Impact on major economies US Canada Germany France United Kingdom China Japan South Korea Rest of the World

5. Value Chain Analysis

6. Porter’s 5 forces model

7. PEST Analysis

8. Photo Booth Kiosk Market Segmentation, By Type
8.1    Mini Photo Kiosk
8.2    Photo Kiosk Stand

9. Photo Booth Kiosk Market Segmentation, By Application
9.1    Drug Stores
9.2    Grocery and Convenience Stores
9.3    Electronic and Phone Stores
9.4    Others

10. Regional Analysis
10.1 Introduction
10.2 North America

10.2.1 USA
10.2.2 Canada
10.2.3 Mexico

10.3 Europe 
10.3.1 Eastern Europe Poland Romania Hungary Turkey Rest of Eastern Europe 
10.3.2 Western Europe Germany France UK Italy Spain Netherlands Switzerland Austria Rest of Western Europe
10.4 Asia-Pacific 
10.4.1 China
10.4.2 India
10.4.3 Japan
10.4.4 South Korea
10.4.5 Vietnam
10.4.6 Singapore
10.4.7 Australia
10.4.8 Rest of Asia-Pacific
10.5 Middle East & Africa
10.5.1 Middle East UAE Egypt Saudi Arabia Qatar Rest of Middle East
10.5.2 Africa Nigeria South Africa Rest of Africa
10.6 Latin America
10.6.1 Argentina
10.6.2 Colombia
10.6.3 Rest of Latin America

11 Company Profile
11.1 Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak-US)

11.1.1 Company Overview
11.1.2 Financials
11.1.3 Product/Services Offered
11.1.4 SWOT Analysis
11.1.5 The SNS View

11.2 Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. (Japan)
11.3 Olea Kiosks Inc. (US)
11.4 Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (Japan)
11.5 HiTi Digital Inc. (Taiwan)
11.6 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan)
11.7 Photo-Me International plc (UK)
11.8 Photobooth Supply Co. (US)
11.9 Toshiba Corporation (Japan)
11.10 Dakis Decision Systems Inc. (Canada)
11.11 PhotoBooth Vending (UK)
11.12 Global Display Solutions Spa (Italy)
11.13 TapSnap (Canada)
11.14 KIOSK Information Systems (US)
11.15 Kodak
12. Competitive Landscape
12.1 Competitive Bench marking
12.2 Market Share Analysis
12.3 Recent Developments 
            12.3.1 Industry News
            12.3.2 Company News
            12.3.3 Mergers & Acquisitions 
13. USE Cases and Best Practices

14. Conclusion

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