Patrick Uduma Aims to Redefine Leadership and Build Work Culture With StandOut


Nigeria-based entrepreneur Patrick Uduma founded an organization named StandOut, providing mentorship programs that teach values and ethics and improve organizational culture.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria, July 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There are different types of leadership in the business world, but how these practices are implemented varies, depending on the kind of leaders an organization has. Anyone can call themselves a leader, but not everyone can lead an organization and create a positive impact on its people.

Effective leaders take a personal interest in the development of their employees and tap into their motivations and interests to further the organization’s wide goal. Being an effective leader includes accomplishing goals collaboratively with the rest of the team. This type of democratic leadership gives the employees the chance to learn and grow without creating anarchy in the organization.


Patrick Uduma is a human capacity development expert who shows a strong sense of leadership in building teams and companies through his programs. He defines leadership as an ‘art’ and believes that being a leader means creating a safe space for its people to feel included. Unleashing their potential without inhibitions from a title or position in the organization. Uduma says, “Everybody wants to be valued and listened to. When a person feels valued they are more productive, especially when they are in a place where they know they can potentially grow professionally.”

Considering his people as his colleagues and not just employees is one of the key factors for Uduma in keeping a good relationship with them. Managing multiple businesses across different industries, Uduma says that believing in his people’s capacity in the workplace gives them the sense of responsibility and vitality to be productive. He also shared that creating a culture of inclusion and respect is important for the business to thrive.

Taking pride in building three businesses with high employee satisfaction rates, he founded an organization named StandOut With Mr Patrick, which offers mentorship programs that teach learners about values, ethics, principles, and priorities. Its goal of redefining the standard of living by helping its clients know more about themselves has helped both local and international organizations build their culture in the workplace.

“People often try to build culture without building character, which is why it fails. If everyone has a unified governing character, it becomes culture, and that is important for an organization to work harmoniously,” Uduma says, as he expresses more on how this practice is driven by his value system of goodness. “I believe in the innate goodness of people. People judge others by their certain preferences, ideas, and opinions based on their standard and this value system is what keeps me centered on my goal in leading my organizations.”

While sharing the success of his other two businesses, Uduma also shares that being an effective leader is being a secure one. He is currently the Managing Director of an oil and gas company, Icren Services Ltd, and of MD Mart Nigeria Ltd, a distribution company working with high-profile producers of household confectioneries. He believes that an effective leader gives a sense of security to his people in performing their daily tasks and improves productivity in the workplace.

Uduma emphasizes the importance of human dignity in leading an organization, adding that anyone can be a business owner, but not everyone can be a leader. By following the values that he implemented across his businesses, he is certain that he can help his people grow and succeed.

“I make sure to practice what I preach,” Uduma says, sharing that he follows these strict ground rules for implementing his practices in the workplace. He adds that executing these practices makes it easier to share with other people and their clients since they have lived up to these practices. With over a hundred employees, Uduma says that these practices are being observed within all three of his businesses.

Making his mark in the business world, Uduma aims to redefine the meaning of leadership by changing the perspective of his people from being a staff to having a ‘business owner’ mindset. He believes that, if people have that sense of responsibility, it will boost their morale and they will understand that everyone has a crucial part to play in the organization.


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