Open Source M.D Announces a New Paradigm to Improve Quality Health Care and Financial Standing for Hospitals


Open Source MD, a North Carolina-based healthcare practice management firm, develops a free market system to bring hospitals and physicians together through a mutually beneficial staffing model.

Winston Salem, North Carolina, April 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — North Carolina-based healthcare management and strategic staffing firm, Open Source M.D., announces a unique partnership which will enhance the quality of the healthcare sector. The model developed by the firm enables physicians and hospitals across the country to collaborate with each other irrespective of their locations. Open Source M.D. provides physicians to hospitals with long-term contracts without charging them any rates. This allows hospitals to save time and money and at the same time enables physicians to earn more remuneration.

This requires that hospitals guarantee a long-term arrangement with the Open Source MD enabling them to build a schedule, arrange staff positions and also ensure that physicians are not overwhelmed with volume. Because hospitals are not required to pay physicians, money can be reinvested back to enhance the services provided to the patients. By providing time to doctors, this model ensures patient care with quality and consistency. In addition, this allows hospitals to save a significant amount of money on recruitment or hiring an expensive staff management agency. Open Source MD provides them with a pool of highly qualified physicians for a long-term contract.


“Our unique staffing model helps both the hospitals and physicians by creating a free market system whereby hospitals and physicians collaborate and partner to deliver high-quality healthcare, maximize reimbursement, and reduce costs. The model also provides physicians with flexibility in scheduling and the ability to generate the wealth that is desired”, says David Rosen, Founder of Open Source MD.

Open Source MD has a successful track record of helping several hospitals to become financially successful through their model. A prominent example is the case of Randolph Health Hospital in North Carolina, owned by American Healthcare Systems based in California, United States. Open Source MD helped this hospital to revert from bankruptcy and achieve impressive revenue using the model. The financial benefits that have come from Open Source MD’s partnership with Randolph Health has led to allowing the hospital to expand their specialty services including nephrology, dialysis and an interventional cardiology program.

This system benefits physicians in terms of the time and consistency when treating patients. It reduces the amount of fragmentation in terms of care and physician’s service as this model eliminates the chances for the patients to see multiple doctors in the same hospital stay. For the doctors, this model provides flexible shifts, so that they can consolidate their working hours in a week and enjoy substantial time off when not working clinically. These convenient shifts allow doctors to provide better care to their patients and ensure better utilization of resources. In order to make the system flexible and convenient for physicians, Open Source MD provides them with accommodation and transportation services.

“Our staffing model, though based on a contract, serves as efficiently as a fully employed model. We are committed to providing long-term solutions and stability for hospitals and healthcare providers. Our methodology allows healthcare providers to contract directly with hospitals on a long-term basis at little or no cost to the facilities. We also eliminate third-party vendors from the staffing and contracting relationship saving a substantial amount of money for the hospitals”, David Rosen added.

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