OnTerra Systems Announces Updated Application Programming Interface (API) for RouteSavvy Route Planning Software


Improved API based on the RouteSavvy route optimization engine offers significantly faster performance, ability to handle more stops per route & auto-scaling for increased server capacity

DENVER, April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OnTerra Systems (www.OnTerraSystems.com), the developers of RouteSavvy route planning software, today introduced a new and improved Application Programming Interface (API) based on the same powerful route optimization platform used for RouteSavvy route planning. This new RouteSavvy API is designed for software developers who want to add route optimization functionality into software applications they are developing. For more information or to purchase, please visit: https://www.routesavvy.com/routesavvy-api/

OnTerra Systems has offered a route optimization API for software developers for many years, according to Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems president. “With the recent enhancements, the RouteSavvy API’s powerful features & functions that make it the API of choice for developers who need to integrate route optimization into software offerings they are developing.”


The new RouteSavvy API includes the following enhancements:

  • Faster Processing Power: The new RouteSavvy API can process routes up to 30% faster on average.
  • Increased Number of Stops Per Route: This new API now can process up to 300 stops per route.
  • Smart Address Troubleshooting: In instances where an inaccurate address has been loaded into a route, the new RouteSavvy API has enhanced features for dealing with and resolving bad addresses.
  • Server Infrastructure Autoscaling: Another powerful feature available in the new release of the RouteSavvy API is autoscaling of server infrastructure. The computing infrastructure associated with the RouteSavvy API can grow or shrink based on usage. (In contrast, route optimization APIs with a fixed amount of server infrastructure and computing power can be overloaded during peak demand.)

In addition to the enhanced features & functionality, the new RouteSavvy route optimization API is built to the latest standards for application program interfaces, including software development technology known as “RESTFUL API.” By building the RouteSavvy API to the latest software development standards, software developers looking to incorporate route optimization into applications they’re developing will find it faster and easier to do so.
“This latest version of the RouteSavvy route optimization API is one of the most powerful, low-cost API for software developers,” noted Mr. Milroy. “For software developers who need to incorporate route optimization into an application they’re building, the new RouteSavvy API allows them to do this quickly, easily, and at one of the lowest costs available on the market today.”

New RouteSavvy API Provides Two Specific Types of Routes
The RouteSavvy API can provide route optimization using two distinct route types: Basic & “Real Road.”

  • Basic route optimization calculates the most efficient route based on “as-the-crow-flies” navigation. This is ideal for most routes, offer fast processing of routes, and supports up to 300 stops.
  • “Real Road” route optimization utilizes a more sophisticated route optimization algorithm to calculate the most efficient route based on the location of actual roads. This technology is ideal for higher density areas or routes with geographical obstacles such as lakes, rivers, open space & more.

New Route Optimization API Is Both Powerful & Affordable
The starting cost for use of the RouteSavvy API is $500 per year. The starting cost for the Basic version of the API supports up to 50 vehicles in a fleet for one flat fee of $500. The Basic version is powerful and fast: it can process a 500-stop route in less than one second.

  • RouteSavvy API – Basic: $500 a year with up to 20,000 transactions per year for the base price.
  • RouteSavvy API – Real Road: $500 a year with up to 10,000 transactions per year for the base price.
  • RouteSavvy API – Predictive Traffic: $500 a year with up to 5,000 transactions per year for the base price.

Users can exceed the standard transaction per year pricing for a modest extra fee.
About RouteSavvy
Developed by USA-based OnTerra Systems, RouteSavvy (www.RouteSavvy.com) is web-based, automated route planning software that helps businesses & non-profits generate more efficient routes for deliveries, pick-ups, service calls, and sales calls. More efficient routing equals fewer miles driven, resulting in significant savings on fuel costs, fleet maintenance costs & labor costs. RouteSavvy Online for end users costs just $39 per vehicle per month for 1 vehicle; $30 per vehicle per month for 2-5 vehicles; $25 per vehicle per month for 6-10 vehicles; with volume pricing available for fleets with 11 vehicles or more. The starting annual price for the RouteSavvy API is $500 per year.

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