On Teacher’s Day, Bhagwant Mann guarantees UGCs pay scale to all the teachers

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Bhagwant Mann Guarantees UGCs Pay Scale to all the Teachers.


On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann announced a plan to implement UGCs pay scale uniformly to all the teachers of colleges and universities. He said that this decision will come into force from October 1. Bhagwant Mann, who himself is a son of a teacher, said he relates to the problems faced by them and hoped that this decision of him will give a big boost to their morale. He also announced that guest faculty teachers will be recruited to overcome the shortage of teachers and to provide quality higher education to students.

He reasserted one of his election promises of providing quality education to the students and thus is claiming that no stone will be left unturned in the noble cause. He also promised to enhance the honorarium of the guest faculty members. In a video message he said that a notification in this regard will be issued soon.