Oliveda International, Inc. Announces New Waterless Beauty Products from Oliveda and Affiliated Brands


The Olive Tree People subsidiary expects to grow to over 30,000 Waterless Beauty Consultants in the next 18 months

Santa Monica, CA, July 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Oliveda International, Inc. (OTC Pink: OLVI) today announced new products in its waterless beauty lines by subsidiary, Olive Tree People, and its affiliated brands. The new products include Oliveda’s F86 Corrective Vegan Hyaluronic Serum Face, which provides a highly effective combination of the protective and regenerating hydroxytyrosol with vegan hyaluronic acid, which provides a plump and moisturized skin. More information on the F86 Corrective Vegan Hyaluronic Serum Face and all products from Oliveda, LA Dope, and The Intuition brands can be found at https://us.olivetreepeople.com.

In order to develop a cream with 70% water, a lot of preservatives and up to 25% refined/deodorized vegetable oils are needed, since the emulsions can only be kept stable in this way. Preservatives on the skin can damage the microbiome and promote the inflammatory process and have hormonal effects. Refined/deodorized oils, even if they are organic, can also promote the inflammatory process of a skin. The remaining 5% then contain the so-called active ingredients but also often synthetic fragrances, which can also have a hormonal effect.


How can it be that in our enlightened society every second person suffers from inflamed skin and thousands are added every day?

How is it possible that in the last 50 years the number of skin diseases has increased by 500%?

How can it be that we treat our largest organ, the skin, completely differently than the rest of our body?

With Oliveda and a unique technology, founder and CEO Thomas Lommel intuitively created the future more than 20 years ago, which everyone is talking about today.

Mr. Lommel commented, “Waterless beauty is The Next Big Thing. Why? Because it makes 100% sense! We are on the way to growing to over 30,000 Waterless Beauty Consultants in the next 18 months to make a significant contribution to a new awareness of sustainable beauty. Our goal is to reduce skin diseases by 500% and help people regain their naturally healthy glowing skin from the inside out.”

For this reason, Oliveda and all sister brands do not use 70% water as a basis, but rather the cell elixir of the olive leaf developed by Thomas Lommel in his tree house, which has a highly antioxidant effect and counteracts inflammation.  Instead of refined/deodorized oils, Oliveda and all sister brands use cold-pressed Bioactive Arbequina Oil derived from their own eco-certified mountain olive trees.

All Oliveda, LA Dope, and The Intuition products are built on this basis.  Of course, only high-quality and very specific active ingredients are processed in the remaining 5%, which then work in synergy with the 95% active ingredient base.  If fragrances are also used, then only a composition of essential oils is used.  According to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, these are then summarized under the generic term perfume in the INCIS.  Plant allergens such as linalool have to be shown separately according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation.  In principle, Oliveda avoids all kinds of synthetic fragrances.

“For us, sustainability is not a marketing tool but something that we have been practicing for over 20 years,” said Mr. Lommel. “We love our trees and what we do and have created this wonderful sustainable cycle over the past 20 years.”

About Oliveda International, Inc. 
Founded in 2003 by German real estate investor Thomas Lommel, Oliveda International, Inc. is a leading international natural cosmetic company in the premium segment. The company has also developed a globally unique wearable beauty and health technology. In addition to online sales and a global branch network of 650 retail stores, the company’s wholly owned Oliveda Deutschland GmbH second-tier subsidiary operates flagship stores, Olive Tree Pharmacy, in Berlin and Dusseldorf with plans to open new locations in Los Angeles, Taipei and Seoul. Overall, the company believes that it will be able to operate a total of 60 of its own flagship stores worldwide and increase the retail store network worldwide to 1,200 over the next five years. Through subsidiary operations, Oliveda International is the largest investor in eco-certified mountain olive trees as well as the largest conservationist in Arroyomolinos de Leó, Spain. Further information on Oliveda International can be found at http://www.oliveda.com, https://us.oliveda.com and http://www.olivetreepeople.com.

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