Olive Tree People Inc. Announces OLIVE ROSE, the World’s First No Makeup Makeup Based on Hydroxytyrosol


SANTA MONICA, CA, June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Olive Tree People Inc. celebrated its first year in the United States at an anniversary event in Santa Monica, California on June 7-8 where the company presented a new globally-unique no makeup makeup brand, OLIVE ROSE, based on hydroxytyrosol, which will launch in October 2024.

In addition to the sensationally successful figures and the exponential growth of the first 12 months of Olive Tree People in the U.S., Magda Lommel, the daughter of founder and CEO Thomas Lommel presented the OLIVE ROSE brand based on her personal beautiful story between Mallorca, Berlin, Basel, and Los Angeles.

Olive Rose is the world’s first no makeup makeup based exclusively on hydroxytyrosol creating a completely new skin feeling.


Olive Rose is another brand under the Olive Tree People umbrella alongside LA Dope, Oliveda, Olive Mush, and Re:connected to nature.

When founder and CEO Thomas Lommel was asked what performance he expects from Olive Rose in the first year, he said, “With our Waterless Movement success and our brands Oliveda and LA Dope, we build in the last 15 months and thousands of customers who love our products, and so we have laid the foundation that convinces me that sales of Olive Rose in the first year will be 8-digits.”

About Olive Tree People Inc.
Olive Tree People Inc. and its parent company Oliveda International as well as the European companies Olive Tree People Europe AG and Oliveda Deutschland GmbH, as well as Olive Tree Farmers SL, were founded by the German real estate investor Thomas Lommel and have more than 20 years of experience in management and organic certification growing mountain olive trees, in the extraction of first-class, internationally award-winning extra virgin olive oils, the extraction of hydroxytyrosol, and in the production and distribution of cosmetic and holistic waterless products related to the olive tree. Lommel is the inventor of the Olive Tree Therapy 10 years in 14 days as well as the inventor of olive matcha, which is based on the ground olive leaf. Also unique is the coffee replacement developed by Lommel, which is based on olive leaf and hydroxytyrosol. In addition, Lommel is successfully active in the rapidly growing mindfulness industry with the olive tree sound bath meditation he developed and the frequencies of his olive trees, which he makes available worldwide.

In addition to the registered beauty brands, Oliveda and LA Dope, as well as Re:connected to Nature, The Intuition of Nature, and Olive Mush, to name just a few brands, Lommel is the region’s largest conservationist and protector of over 30,000 one-hundred-year-old mountain olive trees, and, with his Thomas Lommel Foundation, he brings the water that he does not use into his waterless beauty products to the people of Africa by building water wells on site.

In addition to online sales and a Europe-wide branch network of thousands of retail stores, Oliveda Deutschland GmbH operates its own flagship stores in Berlin and Düsseldorf.

The brand’s treatment concepts are unique worldwide, and their effectiveness has been confirmed by conventional medicine. Read our book The Olive Tree Therapy 10 Years in 14 Days. Waterless beauty has been called “The Next Big Thing” in articles in U.S. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Elle, Madame, Forbes, and many other industry publications, as well as by Mintel, a world-leading futurology institute. Gigi Hadid and many other celebrities are already Oliveda fans and support its success.

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